by Geetesh Bajaj, March 26th 2013

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Picture Copyrights: An Iceberg Study

Iceberg Picture on CorbisOne of the most fascinating pictures that I have seen of an iceberg is this composition by photographer Ralph A. Clevenger -- this is a fully copyrighted picture, yet a quick search on Google Images will show that this picture has been used hundreds of times on the web. So why are we even discussing this picture? That's because the subject of picture copyrights is not always clear -- and how can you even know if the picture you are using is copyright free or not? Unless the picture is placed within a Creative Commons license on a reputed site such as Flickr, there is no way you can really trust any site that says that a picture is free to use! This picture is therefore a perfect case study -- let us start with a little history.
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PowerPoint Concept Slides: Organic Rectangles

PowerPoint Concept Slides: Organic Rectangles You could easily drag and draw a rectangle in PowerPoint but everyone in your audience has seen thousands of such rectangles and they do not stand apart any more. So how can you create a different type of rectangle that has no straight lines or perfect, geometrical shapes? You can easily achieve this hand drawn look with our Organic Shapes series. Rectangles are just one of the common shapes that we doodled on paper and then reproduced as native PowerPoint shapes for you to use.

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PDF to PowerPoint Creator: Conversation with Cindy Pearson

Cindy Pearson Cindy Pearson is an IT manager and a brand evangelist at She loves all things technology and Internet and enjoys playing with all sorts of tech tools and gadgets. PDFConverter has launched a new online PDF to PowerPoint converter tool that is free to use for anyone who wants to quickly create a PowerPoint file from their existing PDFs. In this conversation, Cindy discusses this online PDF to PowerPoint creator.
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PowerPoint Concept Slides: Eight Petals Circle

PowerPoint Concept Slides: Eight Petals CircleThese Eight Petals Circle graphics are part of our Petal Circles series that add stylized tips to your circle shapes. These two tip styles: Rounded and Pointed make your circles look different from conventional segmented circle graphics. They also break the monotony of text heavy slides, and help you explain concepts better to your audiences. Using these circle shapes also convinces your audiences that you care enough about them to make the slides look appealing and comprehensible. What's more, these shapes are also so much fun to use!

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Texture Fill for Text
Although text in PowerPoint can be with a texture, the appearance of the text depends upon the texture chosen, and how well it contrasts with the slide background. Make sure that the texture used is not too crowded or even multicolored -- and as already stated, choose a texture that contrasts with your slide background for the reason of readability.
Picture Fill for Text
PowerPoint provides you with plenty of text fill options -- most of these are similar to the options available as fills for shapes. In this tutorial, let us learn how to use a picture as a fill for your selected text in PowerPoint 2011. Although all picture fills may or may not look good on text, you must remember a few points when selecting a picture for a fill: Never use a busy, confused picture as a fill -- a picture that has too many colors will rarely look good.

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Set Document Resolution
Pictures are one of the most important content types you add on your slides -- however, each picture you insert may have different resolutions -- and thus even though you may have sized your picture to look like a small postage stamp on your slide, it may be increasing your file size by several megabytes. You can of course manually compress pictures in your presentation -- additionally, you can set the document resolution for any presentation -- this option will compress pictures you insert automatically to the default resolution you set.
Compress Pictures
Although pictures enhance the look of your presentation, they can also phenomenally increase the size of your presentation file. PowerPoint 2010 is better in that respect compared to previous versions because it does some compression even if you may not be aware -- yet there is an option to the compression even more effective.
Set Text Indentation using Numerical Values
When your text paragraphs comprise multiple bulleted levels, indentation becomes a must to make your text look consistent and clear. Indent Markers visible on the Ruler are probably the easiest way to achieve structured results. However, this method does not let you precisely position the indentation since you just drag and pull the Indent Markers rather than setting them up via an exact numerical value. Fortunately, you can also set indentation using set numerical values -- for this you need to access the Paragraph dialog box.
3D Circular Graphics
Add to Circles

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keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint

Are you aware of all PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts? Want to check if your favorites have been included in this e-book, or if there are a few that can help you perform your PowerPoint tasks quicker and better? Or if you don't use keyboard shortcuts, do you want to get started?

This 56 page PDF e-book downloads quick, costs you $0 or more, and is a valuable resource. The PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts E-Book covers the last four Windows versions of PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

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