by Geetesh Bajaj, July 10th 2012
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PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Geetesh BajajFor all of you who work with PowerPoint too little or too much, there's no debate about the fact that getting a task done quicker always results in great satisfaction. And getting your PowerPoint tasks done quicker is just one of the benefits you will gain by using keyboard shortcuts. Just the other day, someone in one of the several PowerPoint forums asked about a keyboard shortcut to get the Paste Special dialog in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows -- and someone actually recommended that you hold the Alt and E keys at the same time, let them go and quickly press S. And that answer response was chosen as the best answer! Well, you could have just pressed Ctrl+Alt+V together and saved the trouble -- and you would still see the Paste Special dialog box. This is just one instance -- trust me there are PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts that are not documented on Microsoft's own site or even in the program's Help.
keyboard shortcuts for PowerPointWant to know about all these missing shortcuts? Or do you want to know if your favorite keyboard shortcuts are documented? Go and get a copy of my new ebook, PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts. How much will this cost you? That's entirely up to you -- because you will decide the price you want to pay. If you type in $0 in the order box, we will respect that decision and you can download the book for free. And you can certainly put in a larger figure than $0 -- and we still won't complain! Go here to get a copy of this ebook that covers keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint 2010, 2007, and 2003. Happy press-the-keyboard for you!
Also I was interviewed by 9Slides earlier this week and I spoke about how evolved also we collaborated with Brainshark to create this tutorial on using silhouettes in PowerPoint.
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Conversations and Guest Posts

Avant Media Manager: Conversation with Samantha Schwartz
Samantha SchwartzAs Executive Director, New Product Program Division, Samantha Schwartz is accountable for providing strategic oversight for all activities related to DWA product/service development from concept to post-launch analysis. This includes the planning, implementation, and maintenance of new products, including Avant Media Manager and its supporting systems. Samantha provides leadership on both the DWA Technology Steering Committee and Corporate Project Management Division and is a primary voice of Digital Healthcare: Plugged In. Samantha has 13+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, graduated from Indiana University with highest distinction and is an elected member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa honor society. In this conversation, Samantha discusses DWA's Avant Media Manager product. Read this conversation with Samantha.
Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck 3rd Edition: Conversation with Rick Altman
Rick AltmanRick Altman is a presentation consultant based out of Pleasanton, CA. Rick has been hosting end-user conferences since 1989, and is well known as the host of the annual Presentation Summit conference. He has a strong sense of the needs of the presentation community. Rick has authored 15 books on presentations and graphics, including Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck. In this conversation, Rick discusses the third edition of his Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck book. Read the conversation here.
authorSTREAM HD Video Output: Conversation with Dinesh Awasthi
Dinesh AwasthiDinesh Awasthi is Product Manager for In addition to developing the strategic product roadmap and implementation of various features on authorSTREAM, he works with the development team and keeps an eye on user feedback to formulate new releases. Dinesh holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications. In this conversation, Dinesh discusses authorSTREAM's new HD Video output options for PowerPoint presentations. Read the conversation here.
Innovation Award IT 2012 for Charteo: Conversation with Volker Eckert
Volker EckertVolker Eckert has over 20 years of experience in online and conventional marketing areas. He achieved his Masters of Communication and Advertising at the Florida International University of Miami. Thereafter, the experience of building up one of the world's leading online shops for PowerPoint presentations at PresentationLoad assisted Volker in launching Charteo. As CEO of Charteo and Marketing Director at PresentationLoad, Volker has raised the bar for the strategy and implementation of both online portals. In this conversation, Volker talks about the Innovation Award IT 2012 that Charteo recently won. Read this conversation with Volker Eckert.

Concept Slides: Three Segment Circle

Concept Slides: Three Segment CircleThis conceptual slide contains three segments within a circle. You can use this segmented circle in your presentation to illustrate a concept, a relationship, or an idea. The concept also looks like a peace symbol with three editable segments! We have used basic PowerPoint shapes to create most of these conceptual designs . Also, some of them are imported from other graphic programs and converted to PowerPoint shapes.

PowerPoint Text Effects -- 04

PowerPoint Text EffectsWe have brought together 12 different text effects for you to use with any text in PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or higher on Windows (and also PowerPoint 2008, 2011 or higher on Mac). The sample presentation contains these Text effects in varieties of styles. Some of them may work better with only larger text -- play around to see which one of these works for you. Of course none of these effects are suitable for body text, so you can use them for headings, such as slide titles. Copy the formatting of required sample text with the Format Painter, and then click on your text where you want to copy these effects.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Video Clips

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Animations

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