by Geetesh Bajaj, March 13th 2012
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Emotions and Readability

Geetesh Bajaj
All of last week, I attended multiple sessions at an international conference. Most of these sessions had slides -- and each slide was emotive, in some way or the other. Some slides were captivating, some held attention, and some evoked curiosity. There were other slides that evoked curiosity of another kind -- of why the text on the slides was so tiny that the audience could not read, some slides had white text on a yellow background -- that again could not be read.
Slides do evoke emotions, but all emotions may not be fired by the program used to create the slides. In many ways, projector technology may have improved by leaps and bounds, but it still does not come close to the capabilities of today's LED screens. Thus white text on a deep yellow background may actually be completely readable on an LED screen, but washed out when projected. This washed out result does evoke an emotion as far as the audience is concerned, and that emotion is rarely positive. So that's the message for all of you in this issue -- make sure that you test your final output using a similar projector as the one you will use in the actual presentation environment -- and look at the slide's from the audience's point of view, especially the person who is seated at the end of the room!
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Conversations, Interviews and Guest posts

How Audiences See -- Follow the Action: by Jerry WeissmanHow Audiences See -- Follow the Action: by Jerry Weissman
oes this large, illuminated letter look familiar? It should. The style has been around ever since medieval times to mark the beginning of a new document. It has continued on into modern publishing where an enlarged first letter marks the beginning of chapters in books and the beginnings of articles in magazines and newspapers. Now it becomes a factor in how we view computer screens. EyeTrackShop, an eponymous Swedish start-up company, does exactly what its name says: track eye movements to, as their slogan puts it, "identify where people look, for how long and in what order." Read more in this guest post by Jerry Weissman.
Peggy DuncanPowerPoint Creative Projects: Conversation with Peggy Duncan
Peggy Duncan works with teams and individuals to help them spend less time working but get more done. Peggy travels internationally training on organization, time management, advanced PowerPoint, Word tips, email management with Outlook, do-it-yourself search engine optimization, and getting started with video and YouTube channels. Peggy is an award-winning video blogger at and the author of Just Show Me Which Button to Click! in PowerPoint 2007. In this discussion, Peggy discusses how she uses PowerPoint for creative projects other than just slide design. Read the conversation here.

PowerPoint Add-in Reviews:

Slide Executive xPoint DesktopSlide Executive xPoint Desktop

Slide Executive xPoint (hereafter xPoint) is a PowerPoint add-in that searches and inserts slides and images from your computer, company cloud, and from the web, straight into your PowerPoint presentations. It installs as a tab of the Ribbon in PowerPoint providing access to a local and/or a central slide library in the cloud. For single users, xPoint provides desktop slide search and management tools. For multiple users in a company, xPoint provides the ability to search and browse slides/presentations -- this increases the use of approved slides and also brings consistency to all company presentations. Furthermore xPoint includes free search and insertion of slides and images from the internet. In this review, we are exploring the desktop edition of xPoint. Learn about Slide Executive xPoint, a PowerPoint add-in that lets you index your PowerPoint presentations, and then re-use them.

PDF Converter ElitePDF Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite is an application that enables you to do two types of PDF related tasks. First of all, it can create PDFs from any file on your computer. More importantly though, and something that we will explore in this review is the second ability that PDF Converter Elite has up its sleeve – it can convert existing PDFs into popular Microsoft Office file formats such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Publisher, HTML and more. In this review we'll explore how you can convert a PDF to a PowerPoint presentation. Learn about PDF Converter Elite, a PDF creation and converter product that also enables you to convert a PDF file back into a PowerPoint presentation.

Animated Slide: Animated Ornaments

Animated Ornaments

These animated ornaments are all shapes created with the Combine Shapes commands in PowerPoint. These have then been colored with fills, and grouped to form distinctive ornaments. All ornaments are colored in Theme aware fills -- so if you add this slide to any other presentation, the ornaments will be automatically recolored in the colors of the new presentation! Finally, the ornaments have been animated to spin and move in motion paths. Download and use this slide for your own presentations.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Digital Certificates

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Shapes

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