by Geetesh Bajaj, February 14th 2012
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Silhouette Somethings

Geetesh Bajaj
Working with visuals can be so much fun, especially when you need to add them to your PowerPoint or Keynote slides. But more often than not, finding the right picture can be a challenge. Sometimes we end up with a perfect picture -- at other times, we all compromise with something we think works great -- but not everyone in your audience may share your enthusiasm. That's because pictures tend to tell a story -- and your story may be different from the story that the audience interprets. At times like these, you need a visual element that's neutral, does not speak loud, and is effective at the same time.
In this issue, and in some future issues we will explore what sort of pictures work well in all scenarios -- and we will also share some tricks and tips. This week's tip has to do with silhouettes. Silhouettes are amazing -- and yet so practical to use! If you need visuals all the time in your presentations, I'll suggest you explore silhouettes! They don't tell too much and yet that is sometimes just what you need. On Indezine, we have plenty of free silhouettes for you to download and use -- so do make use of this resource.
We continue with plenty of new content in this issue -- scroll down to find more.
Do let us know how we are doing -- we love to hear from you! Also please do help us improve Indezine by filling in our two-minute survey -- thank you so much! And if you enjoyed reading any content on, please do like them on Facebook and other social platforms, click the Google +1 buttons on all these pages, and tweet them all so that you can share these joys with others -- and keep your feedback coming! Have a fabulous week. So here is a message for this issue of the newsletter: be yourself -- enjoy, laugh, and be happy.

Animated Slides

Spinning Snowflakes
Animated Slide: Spinning SnowflakesThree snowflakes that move randomly with the breeze in PowerPoint – actually a clever combination of multiple animations and setting their timings make this look so random! We used the Spin, Grow and Shrink, and a Spiral motion path to create the effect. All colors used are Theme aware – so if you move this slide to another presentations, the colors may change! We used PowerPoint 2010 to create this presentation, and it works best in either that version or in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Download and use this slide for your own presentations.
Lines All Over
Animated Slide: Lines All OverThese animated lines are essentially all shapes set to fit the space on the slide close enough to each other to form a geometrical pattern. The first slide contains these shapes filled with a single, gradient color while the next slide uses gradients created with the six accent colors that are part of the active, applied Theme. Change the Theme and all colors will miraculously change. We used PowerPoint 2010 to create this presentation, and it works best in either that version or in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Download and use this slide for your own presentations.

iPad Presenting

iPad Presenting 07: Wired iPad to VGA with the Apple Digital AV Adapter
Wired iPad to VGA with the Apple Digital AV AdapterSo much about presenting with an iPad depends upon how you can send the visual signals from your iPad to the projector or television outputs. We have already established that the wireless way of connecting the iPad to an output is far superior since it lets you hold the iPad in your hand and control your slides wirelessly – that way you are free to move around in your presentation venue – more often than not this approach requires an in-between device such as an Apple TV 2. What we have not discussed so far is how you can use a wired option that lets you cable your iPad directly to an output such as a VGA capable projector or television. Learn about how you can use the Apple Digital AV Adapter with your iPad.
iPad Presenting 08: Business use of Tablet Computing Surges
Wired iPad to VGA with the Apple Digital AV AdapterAs expected, the iPad has led the revolution in tablet computing, even for business users. A survey-based study released by IDG shows that iPads are increasingly being used for business use -- for everything from web browsing to communication, and social media to reading. Although the survey does not explore presenting on an iPad as a separate category, it goes without saying that the iPad has emerged as a mainstream work platform, albeit one where more content is consumed rather than created. Read more here.

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