by Geetesh Bajaj, January 3rd 2012
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2012 -- 366 New Days!

Geetesh Bajaj
By the time you receive this issue of the newsletter in your inbox, it would have been already 2012, a new year with 366 days! For some reason, we love leap years that have one extra day. At Indezine, we are still pondering about what we will do on that extra day of the year, that happens to be a Wednesday.
About the whole of next year, we have two focus areas -- one of them is iPad presenting -- and with Microsoft announcing that there will be a version of PowerPoint running on the iPad, there's so much to look forward to in that direction! The other focus area for us this year is going to be charting -- we have already started working on a series of charting articles and tutorials for you!
We continue having plenty of new content in this issue -- scroll down to find the content. And we do enjoy the New Year and all the festivities that this season brings forth -- take a look at our Season's Greetings card we made entirely inside PowerPoint!
Do let us know how we are doing -- we love to hear from you! Also please do help us improve Indezine by filling in our two-minute survey -- thank you so much! And if you enjoyed reading any content on, please do like them on Facebook and other social platforms, click the Google +1 buttons on all these pages, and tweet them all so that you can share these joys with others -- and keep your feedback coming! Have a fabulous week.

iPad Presenting

iPad Presenting 06: Connecting a TV or Projector to Apple TViPad Presenting 06: Connecting a TV or Projector to Apple TV

iPad presenting is a phenomenon that's waiting to take off. We have already explored how the iPad 2 and Apple TV 2 combination can make this concept work using AirPlay. Now we come to the last part of the hardware requirements in this post -- the part where you connect your Apple TV 2 to a TV or projector. Connecting to a TV or projector that has an HDMI input is a piece of cake -- just use a good quality HDMI cable to connect an Apple TV 2 to the TV or projector. Apple's HDMI cable is very portable and thin, though not too long -- if that works for you, then that's certainly the way to go. Learn about connecting a TV or projector to an Apple TV 2.

iPad Presenting 05: What is AirPlay?iPad Presenting 05: What is AirPlay?

In 2004, Apple introduced what was then a revolutionary technology that let you play music from iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC on speakers that could have been in the next room or anywhere else within your network. This technology was called AirTunes, and the speakers you wanted to play the music over had to be connected to an AirPort Express or Apple TV device. Yes, we are talking about the first generation Apple TVs here. AirPlay is a natural evolution of AirTunes as it moves beyond sound to encompass video as well. It is only now with the launch of newer iPads and iPhones -- and also new features in iOS 5 that AirPlay provides ample solutions for you to present your entire presentation. Read more about how AirPlay can let you present without wires from an iPad.

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