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by Geetesh Bajaj, August 3rd 2010

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Free Cartoons from Ron Leishman

Ron Leishman is a well known cartoonist who has had a long standing relation with -- we first featured him in June 2005. Ron Leishman is the owner of, a web site dedicated to providing original clip and stock cartoon images as as well as custom images in a variety of formats that can be easily used in PowerPoint slides and elsewhere.

Ron is offering you all two great options, and both of them cost you nothing:

What really sets ToonClipart apart from other clipart sites is the service. When you subscribe to ToonClipart, you deal exclusively with Ron, the artist. Ron is open to, and welcomes requests for specific images to be created that you might need for your presentation. He'll also make minor modifications to an image. So if the character would look better in green pants to match your layout, than the blue ones he's wearing on the site, consider them changed.

Concept Slides: Clock Animation in PowerPoint

This clock was created when I played around to discover a way to animate the clock hands in PowerPoint. Initially, the animations played differently in PowerPoint 2003, 2007, and 2010 mainly because how PowerPoint 2010 plays animations but with a few tweaks, it all worked well. Feel free to download and use these clocks, and I have included both a 1 minute and 5 minute timer. Each slide uses colors and effects of the Theme on which it is based so as soon as these slides are inserted in your Theme aware presentations, they will use the look of all the other slides in your presentation. Also explore the other extra slides in the presentation that show how the animation sequence progressed.

Concept Slides: Animated Boxes

This animated box is a square with a small glowing sphere that animates all four sides of the box separately uisng four each of wipe and motion path animations. Works great in PowerPoint 2007, but in PowerPoint 2010 the same animations happen a little faster! You can format the sphere and the lines as you want and the animations will still work -- download and use it in your presentations. For a nice effect, add a text box right in the middle of the square, and animate it to come after the square has already been animated.

Jim ConfaloneProPoint Graphics: Conversation with Jim Confalone

Jim Confalone, is a partner and creative director with ProPoint Graphics and is responsible for production operations. With a fine arts background, he got his start as a designer leading the graphics department at a boutique management consulting firm in Boston, Massachussetts. Prior to ProPoint, he also worked as a web, Flash, and graphic designer in the New York area. Mr. Confalone holds an MFA with Honors in Painting and Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA Summa Cum Laude in Fine Arts from Amherst College. In this conversation, Jim talks about presentation design and his clients. Read the conversation here...

Become a PowerPoint GuruBook Excerpt: Become a PowerPoint Guru

This exclusive Indezine excerpt is from Become a PowerPoint Guru, a book that details how management and strategy consulting firms develop business presentations. The book is authored by David Tracy, who has worked as a management consultant for 12 years. Here are couple of excerpts, reproduced here with permission from David Tracy, author of the book. Read here...

Jamie GarrochActivePresentation™ Designer: Conversation with Jamie Garroch

Jamie Garroch, Managing Director of GMARK Ltd., founded the company in 2009 to provide presentation professionals with software and services to alleviate the restrictions of serialized presenting. Jamie conceived the idea and has lead the development of the company’s first product for PowerPoint users, ActivePresentation Designer, which was launched in May 2010. In this conversation, Jamie discusses ActivePresentation Designer. Read the conversation here...

Become a PowerPoint Guru: Conversation with David Tracy

David Tracy has worked as a management consultant for 12 years. During this time, he worked at a number of firms, from strategy boutiques to global, full-service consultancies. His clients have included burgeoning startups to Fortune 50 corporations, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia; and across a number of industries, including high-tech, consumer products, life sciences, entertainment, and telecommunications. In this conversation, David talks about his Become a PowerPoint Guru e-book, and more. Read the conversation here...

Andy ZimmermanmyBrainshark Pro Trainer: Conversation with Andy Zimmerman

Andy Zimmerman is the vice president and general manager formyBrainshark – Brainshark's free site for creating, sharing and tracking multimedia presentations. Andy oversees strategy, marketing, partnerships and sales for myBrainshark and has been a driving force behind the launch of myBrainshark Pro Trainer, an eLearning offering that the company is announcing today. In this conversation, Andy talks about myBrainshark Pro Trainer. Read the conversation here...

Wondershare PPT2DVD

Burn PowerPoint to DVD with excellent quality. View PowerPoint presentations on TV through a DVD player.

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