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by Geetesh Bajaj, July 13th 2010 -- view this as a web page...

This time I am doing a special issue on Concept Slides -- some of these slides have layouts, and others have animation. Either way, the sole purpose for the existence of these slides is to ensure that you can reuse these sample slides to make your next presentation more interesting and captivating -- so go ahead and get these slides. Did I also say these were all free!

Concept Slides: Feature List Layout

Feature List Layout comprises three sample PowerPoint presentations -- one each to create a visual list for 4 features. 5 features, and 6 features. Scroll down on this linked page to see a small presentation on how you can use these concept slides in your next presentation -- as you can see, all the work is done for you. All you need to do is change the text and optionally change any Theme elements you want. All these concept slides are being made available in the PPTX file format that can be used within PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 for Windows, and PowerPoint 2008 for Mac. Download the slides here...


Concept Slides: Triangle Cycle

This is a triangle formed out of three small triangular shapes that overlap each other -- it successfully denotes a process or cycle within the constrains of a triangle and works great for any sequential process that has three steps or concepts. It also works great to illustrate three concepts that work together, thus creating a sort of triangular matrix. Text can be superimposed on all individual shapes and each shape can be filled with PowerPoint's fills. Download the slides here...

Concept Slides: Horizontal Credits

Having seen the vertical credits screen, inspired from the end-of-the-movie credits so often in PowerPoint, I wondered why no one did a horizontal credits animation? Yes, it is a little more difficult but you only need to do the task once as you can see in the downloaded presentation. Feel free to use the content in this slide – all you need to do is change the words in your credits screen, and the entire text formatting is Theme friendly so it should work within whichever presentation you add the slide to.


Concept Slides: Triangles On Stage

These triangles dramatically enter the stage area (slide) with three animations happening simultaneously: Fade (an entrance animation), Grow and Shrink (an emphasis animation), and a right to left Motion Path. Click once and three similar animations help the triangle in doing a graceful exit. As soon as the exit is over, the next triangle animates into the stage. The trick here is that I started with just one triangle in this animation -- then I added the animations. Thereafter all I did was make copies of the triangle and changed the fill picture within the shape. Copied triangles duplicated the animations too! Download this presentation and reuse as required in your PowerPoint slides!

Concept Slides: Animated (People) Triangles

Inspired to create this one when I saw a series of tangram-like triangles, I just went a little ahead and added a second set of smaller triangles to ensure that every part of the slide was covered. And then these triangles were filled with pictures and animated to do a fade and wipe at the same time. PowerPoint 2010 does the simultaneous fade and wipe the best, and if you don't have access to that version, look at the YouTube video, where you can also download the actual PowerPoint slides. This file can only be downloaded by Indezine members, and membership is free.


Concept Slides: Six Segment Circle

Concept Slides are ready-made slides that you can use to create opening and closing slides, or any other slide to illustrate a concept, relationship, or idea. Most of these are sets of ready-made shapes created in PowerPoint or imported from another source. All these concept designs are owned by

This first-in-this-series sample comprises a six segment circle -- you can change the individual segments as well as the thin do-nut shaped circle around the segments using fill techniques for PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2003.

Download this free concept slide here...

ActivePresentation Designer: The Indezine Review

Presenters need to make a connection with their audiences, and if you have an audience that's curious, it is not uncommon for you to have a need to navigate quickly between various slides in a presentation. It can be cumbersome moving back and forth slides if they are far apart, and fortunately many presenters use hyperlinks between slides to alleviate this problem. However, maintaining and editing these links and creating the actual menu structure for something of this sort can be more tedious than creating the actual presentation! Our review product, ActivePresentation Designer can help. Read the review here...

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