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Business Activities Pack to engage your Audience

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Yawn Buster

As part of a continuous process making you aware of upcoming PowerPoint and presentation specific products and technologies, Indezine is pleased to introduce you to a product from Harbinger Knowledge Products. They have released a significant add-on for YawnBuster, the path-breaking software for bringing alive your PowerPoint® slides with Business Activities.

Launched: Business Activities Pack

Business Activities Pack has 5 brand new ways to add an interactive flavor to your presentation sessions. You can get the audience to participate, interact and even capture important nuggets of information in your preferred Group Activity. Generate participation, increase collaboration and test/develop thinking levels of team members.


Business Activities Pack includes:

Parking Lot: Useful to capture information in meetings and brainstorming sessions. Includes a special section wherein you can have an interesting question-answer session at the end.

Express Brainstorm: Energize the audience and encourage them to express freely with Express Brainstorm. It helps groups to discuss and collaborate and gather ideas on a subject.

Brainstorm and Prioritize: Use this Group Activity to generate large number of ideas on a topic. Get the audience to collaborate and prioritize these ideas in order of sequence.

T-Chart: Useful to represent two facets of a topic or to display a comparison between two topics. Encourages audience to think and list down points and have a better understanding about the contrasting sides.

Mind-Map: Have a structured approach to a large pool of information. Mind-Map helps you to make the audience brainstorm and come up with interlinked ideas. These ideas can be displayed in an easy-to-follow interactive, graphical format.

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