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What’s Included?

The Ultimate Presentation Kit is PowerFinish's most popular collection. It comprises over 15,000 professionally designed templates and backgrounds for your important PowerPoint presentations.

This collection is already a great value at the regular $139.99 price. But right now, it’s really too good to pass up -- in addition to a savings of $40 and free shipping, you also get 16 volumes of looping videos, and 160 new looping videos never published before on any site.

See a detailed list of contents below, and browse the designs included in this special offer.

That's a Wrap (TM) - Video Loops for PowerPoint

That's a Wrap (TM) includes 320 WMV, 800X600, 30FPS looping videos designed for PowerPoint. A unique feature of this collection is the 3 matching static JPG background slides included with each video. This makes it easy to wrap your presentation in motion. Use the video as an intro with your title, then just drop in one of the coordinated backgrounds for your text slides. The video can also serve to announce breaks, change topics, introduce the question and answer part of your presentation, or list credits at the end...anywhere you want seamless motion.

If you ever thought about adding some excitement to your presentations with video but thought you have to buy an expensive add-in to do it, you’re in for a surprise. It’s so easy to add video to your presentations in PowerPoint for Windows or Mac.

To add titles on top of your video, just use the free Movie Maker or iMovie and add your titles. Check out our Video FAQs for all you need to create professional titled videos for your presentations. It’s a 1-2-3 process that’s easy and free!

By the way, the new PowerPoint 2010 lets you put text over video, so it will be even easier to use these great new animations.

And you don’t just get the video files, you also get coordinated slide backgrounds. See what’s included with each video set.

Get this set here -- and this is valid through April 13th, 2010. Don’t miss this fantastic value on professional graphics for your presentations.

Let us help you be a better presenter!

What's Included


Product Name


Standard Templates - All 3 Volumes. Reg. Price $49.99 each;150 templates with title, text and print slides


Multi-SlideTemplates - All 3 Volumes. Reg. Price $49.99 each; 150 templates with 4-6 alternate slides


High Definition Templates, 1 Volume. Reg. Price $29.99; 50 720p templates with 5 alternate slides


High Definition Backgrounds, 2 Volumes. Reg. Price $29.99 each; 70 16:9 backgrounds per volume


Standard Backgrounds, All 3 Volumes. Reg. Price $29.99 each; 1000 unique presentation backgrounds


Template Design Sets, Reg. Price $29.99 each. 50 PowerPoint templates - each with 18 backgrounds.


Presenters’ Choice Backgrounds. Reg. Price $69.99; 12,000 backgrounds in 100 coordinated style sets


That's a Wrap - Video Backgrounds, All 16 Volumes, Reg. Price $9.99 each, 20 videos per volume.


INCLUDES 160 brand new looping videos for your presentations.


Total Price:
Single User License,
Includes Free USPS Priority Mail shipping on 2 DVDs


Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint 97 forward - PC or Mac

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