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You are receiving this mail because I wanted to make you aware of Raptivity Presenter, a product from Harbinger Knowledge Products that lets you makeover your presentation using their interactive components. There are plenty of examples on their site -- plus they are providing a free webinar next week that you can sign up for. I hope you find this information useful -- thank you for being a subscriber.

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- Geetesh

  • Do you want to be different and stand out with your presentation?

  • Do you need to shake up and energize your audience?

  • Is your ultimate goal to win them over?

Raptivity Presenter experts will demonstrate how your regular PowerPoint presentation can be transformed into an interactive one!

During the workshop you will see:

  • Easy and fast ideas to create interactive slides
  • How to visualize the outcome
  • Have specific questions?

Are you ready to spend countless hours crafting your next presentations? NO!!!
Then your solution is a pre-built interactivity tool

Join on June 23 at 11.00AM PST

for a live workshop showcasing Raptivity Presenter!


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For more info, you can contact Harbinger directly:

Harbinger Group
USA: 16770 NE 79th Street, Suite 100, Redmond, WA 98052 Tel: (425) 861-8400
Questions? Write to them at [email protected]

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