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Indezine.com is happy to announce that Harbinger Knowledge Products has released a significant add-on for Raptivity Presenter, the ground-breaking software for making PowerPoint presentations interactive.

This brand new add-on, named Visual Interaction Pack works as part of the Raptivity Presenter right within your PowerPoint! It helps build a variety of interactions such as SWOT Analysis, Mind Map, Accordion Display, Peripheral Vision, and more -- see thumbnail previews of these interactions below, or click here to take a closer look. This new release is fully compatible with Microsoft Office's PPT and PPTX file formats.

The Visual Presentation Pack includes:

  • Accordion Display - Present information in a compact way while generating curiosity among audience.

  • Cycle Build-up - Present a continuing sequence of tasks or steps with audio-visual effects

  • Mind Map - Effectively present ideas, plans, processes, hierarchy and tasks which are linked to and arranged around a central key theme.

  • SWOT Analysis - Pictorially represent SWOT analysis of a product, service or a company

  • Timeline - Present roadmaps, history, company achievements and other such subjects with audio-visual effects

  • Peripheral Vision - Show the audience the main object, while keeping other objects in a peripheral vision field – helping them to concentrate on one item at a time while keeping track of other items.

For a closer look at Raptivity Presenter and Visual Presentation Pack, click here.

Samples of Visual Interaction Pack:

Want to see these interactions? Go here to see them all.



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