Holi PowerPoint Templates

by Geetesh Bajaj, March 15th 2008

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Holi is the Indian festival of colors -- and here's some Holi content for all Indezine members including you. Now you can download these new PowerPoint templates from Indezine! All the thumbnails below link to the download page.

Holi 01 PowerPoint Templates  Holi 02 PowerPoint Templates  Holi 03 PowerPoint Templates

Holi 04 PowerPoint Templates  Holi 05 PowerPoint Templates  Holi 06 PowerPoint Templates

Holi 07 PowerPoint Templates  Holi 08 PowerPoint Templates  

Embellishments from Scrapbookpresentations

Holi  Holi

Backgrounds on Scrapbookpresentations

Holi  Holi

More Holi Stuff

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