by Geetesh Bajaj, October 25th 2011

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Geetesh Bajaj

At Ppted, we continue getting you the edge in design as far as PowerPoint is concerned -- we have just released the Halloween collection of PowerPoint templates -- these designs are all based on the oriental halloween that combines symmetry with a central force, and will ensure that your PowerPoint presentations look out-of-the-ordinary and different from everyone else's PowerPoint presentations.

While being different is great, it is also important for these designs to have other values -- we realize that and made sure that this new collection of 5 coordinated designs was developed after careful research so that it can be used in varied presentation environments:

  • Universal -- these designs use carefully selected visuals, placements, and colors so that they work for all types of delivered presentations, keynotes, webcasts, emailed, and personal presentations.
  • Interesting -- add art to your content without making it look too edgy. And we make sure that the colors work in all situations -- and are relevant to the theme of the collection.
  • Contemporary -- the right balance between being designer quality and useable.

Wide Screen Included: That's not all. All designs in the collection are available in both regular and wide screen formats. Here are a few wide screen variants:

Halloween - Widescreen

Tested Color Schemes: Each design includes 4 coordinated color schemes that will always work for you because these have been created by experts using scientific color principles. So you don't just get color schemes that have been randomly picked to look good -- you actually get them in monochromatic, analogous, double complementary, and split complementary color harmonies! Here are some pictures of how the color schemes look:


Print Friendly Variations: Both the normal and wide screen designs include separate print templates that are printer and ink friendly. Here are a few print variants:


Actual Backgrounds Included: As if that wasn't good enough, we also include the actual backgrounds we used so that you can use them in other applications as well. Open them in any application that opens images such as those from Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Expression Web, Expression Design, Expression Media, etc), Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Acrobat, Premiere, Flash, etc.), Apple (Keynote, Pages, Final Cut, iPhoto, etc.), Corel, and all types of worship software.

Extras: Ten Transparent PNGs: Yes, there's more! We include 10 transparent PNG graphics that you can use in any PowerPoint presentation -- or anywhere else. Look at these samples. The ones on the left are the PNGs placed on a white background, and the ones on the right are the same PNGs placed in PowerPoint slides. As you can see, these can be used anywhere and everywhere! Resize, stretch, and flip these PNGs if required to make them work as backdrops for callouts, charts, diagrams, graphics, text boxes, etc.

Halloween PNG's

Compatible with all PowerPoint versions: All template designs work with the last ten versions of PowerPoint on Windows and Mac -- yes, right from PowerPoint 97 to PowerPoint 2007 and 2008! In addition, you can open the included PPT files in Apple Keynote, Corel Presentations, OpenOffice, and Star Impress as well!

Tested Designs: All design have been tested for legibility and contrast. All designs use minimal compression. And all designs look great on projectors, laptops, high definition displays. and small screens. However since these designs are rich in color, they might not work well on webinars where attendees have lower bandwidth connections. In that case, just use our print variations!

Created by Experts: These designs have been created by the same experts who create templates for large companies and advertising agencies. Ppted is promoted by Geetesh Bajaj, author of four best-selling PowerPoint books and a international expert on PowerPoint.

Easy to Use: All designs require nothing apart from PowerPoint. You require no extra software, or plug-ins to use these.

You can now get all 5 template designs in a single zip download for only $20! And remember, Ppted designs are originals that you won't find anywhere else, at any price. And nor will the individual collections be ever sold discounted. Get them now.

buy on cdIn addition, we listened to all our customers and added the new CD option -- for an extra small amount, not only do you get a CD but you can also download the actual files even before you receive the CD.

You'll find all buying options here...

As an Indezine reader, you are part of a special community of people who want their presentations to look wow and cutting-edge. For your presentations to have that wow look, you need to start with striking backgrounds.

Remember -- the thumbnails you see on this page are highly compressed images, and you can see more detail on the site. Just click any of the thumbnails to get to the site. The site has more in the form of larger previews and simulated presentations.

We also do custom PowerPoint design.

Get 20% off this Halloween collection, or any template collection you buy at -- go to our landing page to learn more.


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