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Dear Indezine subscribers,

After they put on a similar sale last week, I convinced our friends at Wildform to offer the same great deal to Indezine subscribers -- and they agreed!

So, for the next 3 days you'll get 50% off on everything in the Wildform store. This offer ends at midnight on Wednesday, December 9th. At the store you'll find the Flair Deluxe Bundle, which includes everything you need to create Flash movies from your PowerPoint presentations (including controlling each individual aspect of the PowerPoint to Flash conversion!)

Flair Bundle

I've reviewed Wildform Flair in the past and it's a great program. In fact, as I wrote in my review, Flair converts your PowerPoint to Flash files better than any of the automatic PowerPoint to Flash converters available. It's the single most powerful video presentation software available today.

What's more the folks at Wildform have created two great new online training videos to walk you through using the program. Flair even comes with wizards to guide you through your PowerPoint to Flash conversion, and combining PowerPoint and video files.

Convert PowerPoint to Flash
Combine PowerPoint and Video

Although all products from Wildform are available at half price, let us look at the Flair Deluxe Bundle. Regularly priced at $379, Indezine has teamed up with the folks at Wildform to get you the same group of products for half the price -- only $189.50. This rate is valid during this special for Indezine subscribers only.

Here's what you do to order:

Go to the store and add anything to your cart

Click the "I have a promotional code" link.

Enter your code: INDEZINE2009 and click "Apply" to see your discount.

PS - This coupon is valid for new licenses only.

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