March is Dummies Month

by Geetesh Bajaj, March 10th 2008

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March is Dummies month -- and the perfect time to get copies of both my For Dummies books:

cutting edge powerpoint 2007 for dummies cutting edge powerpoint for dummies

From March 1 - 31, 2008, receive a $5 mail-in manufacturer's rebate with your purchase of a Dummies book priced $6.99 or higher. Choose from my books, or any of the over 1,000 For Dummies books on hundreds of subjects.

And if you are buying these books from, take advantage of their Dummies 3-for-2 promotion. When you order any two Dummies books, get a third one free.

About the Books

I'll just show you some review content from Amazon and other sites:

  •        "Yes, delightful is the operative word. Geetesh Bajaj's sense of humor sprinkled throughout was a refreshing change from ordinary skills books. His mix of clear explanations and helpful hints prove his credentials and expertise with PowerPoint are solidly established. If you are looking to add to your knowledge quickly or are just learning how to add the power of PowerPoint presentations to your marketing program this is the book you will want to read from cover to cover."

  •        "I've put together my share of PowerPoint presentations, and I normally know enough to get the basics down. I'm a firm believer in "just because you can doesn't mean you should", and I try to stay away from font and animation overload. All of that is well and good, but it usually means my slides can lack a bit in the "pizazz" department. Bajaj has written a book that starts beyond the "what is PowerPoint" mark and starts to delve into all the features that can make your presentation stand out. Yes, there is plenty of time spent on how to animate things and such, but he also offers the caveat that too much activity is distracting, not informational."

  •        "So you've been doing PowerPoint for years now. So you've even done your own custom templates. Now it's time to take your PowerPoint game to the next level. Cutting Edge PowerPoint for Dummies was written by Geetesh Bajaj, a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP. That means that, while he doesn't actually work for Microsoft, he knows enough about PowerPoint that Microsoft tells people with questions to talk to him, and people like him. He's got the credentials to do this book."

  •        "I use this book two ways. Whenever I start a new presentation, I scan it for ideas on how to keep my presentations fresh. I particularly like the color plates in the middle of the book for guiding my color related design decisions, and the host of other design related tips. Also, whenever I run into a technical problem that I can't easily resolve myself, I check the book and the answer is usually there. Get the book, you won't be disappointed."

  •        "Do yourself a favor and forget the "dummy" in the title. This book offers great insight into some of the not-so-obvious workarounds that can be used to get the most out of your presentations. So, it's not only helpful to people who are newer to PowerPoint, but also includes lots of goodies for the advanced PowerPoint user. I learned lots of ways to fine tune stuff that I've had to take outside of the program before to get the result I wanted. Geetesh shows lots of alternative ways to get the job done within the program. And, the texture files and other great stuff included on the CD are fantastic. The CD, itself, is worth the cost of the book."

About the Author

Geetesh Bajaj is a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional) who runs the Web’s foremost PowerPoint site at He is also author of several other best-selling PowerPoint books. Geetesh believes that successful presentations are the sum of various elements as diverse as color, layout, and graphics.

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