A NEW way to PowerPoint in 2019

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Taylor Croonquist
Dear {!name_fix},

Interested in avoiding a few late nights at the office with PowerPoint this year?

Well, there is a NEW way to build your slides faster than ever before if you are on a PC.

No extra software…
No extra add-ins…
No extra anything…
And to show you how to do this, I’ve invited a special guest - Taylor Croonquist - to host a free PowerPoint Speed Training Workshop next Thursday the 17th for you called:

The Best PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets for 2019

PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets for 2019

In this live training workshop, you will dramatically boost your efficiency in PowerPoint by learning how to:

Topic #1 Setup the BEST PowerPoint shortcut for 2019…

Topic #2 Access ANY PowerPoint command using the 4 different types of PowerPoint shortcuts...

Topic #3 Turn your least favorite tasks into easy to use shortcuts…

Topic #3 Extend and inverse keyboard shortcuts you already know…

Topic #3 And more

On top of that, the majority of these shortcuts are what Taylor calls Visible Shortcuts.

That is, you can immediately start using them to save time without having to memorize anything new (making them fast and easy to learn).

That’s why if you’re on a PC and aren’t using lots of shortcuts yet, I highly recommend joining next Thursday’s workshop.

I think you will be blown away by how fast Taylor will get you up-to-date with the latest (and best) PowerPoint shortcut tricks, and how easy they are to implement.

Next Thursday’s Speed Training Workshop is free for you to join as an Indezine community member, but we are only holding this special training once.

To reserve your spot and learn the Best PowerPoint shortcuts secrets for 2019, simply click the link below to reserve your spot.

Reserve your spot here



P.S. A replay of next Thursday’s Speed Training workshop will only be made available to registered participants.

So if you can’t attend the workshop live but want to see the replay, simply sign-up to attend here.