Invitation: PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets for 2019

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Taylor Croonquist
Dear {!name_fix},

Are you interested in getting more done in PowerPoint in 2019 without working longer hours?

If so, you are not going to want to miss this special January training opportunity.
On Thursday, January 17th, I’ve invited a special guest, Taylor Croonquist—to share his best-of-the-best PowerPoint shortcut secrets for 2019 with you.

Want to speed up your formatting?
Want to speed up your slide edits?
Want to speed up your alignments?

'PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets for 2019

Taylor will show you how to do it all using his unique Speed Training Formula leveraging the 4 Types of PowerPoint shortcuts.

To join the training and learn how to speed up your slide work for 2019 (it’s free to join for Indezine subscribers), click the link below to reserve your spot.

PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets for 2019 - reserve your spot here

In this special live training webinar, you will learn:

Topic #1 How to set up (and properly use) the million dollar PowerPoint shortcut for creating well laid out slides

Topic #2 How to best use (and think about) your Shift-Sister Shortcuts to save you time in 2019

Topic #3 Discover the best Hidden PowerPoint shortcuts that you’ll immediately start using in 2019 as soon as you know them

Topic #3See how to strategically think through (and fast-track) anything you do in PowerPoint using Taylor’s Speed Training Formula

Topic #3 And more

And the cool thing about the majority of these shortcuts is that they are Visible Keyboard Shortcuts.

That is, you don’t need to memorize them to take full advantage of them in 2019 (making them fast and easy to learn).

If you are on a PC and are serious about getting more done in PowerPoint in 2019, you will not want to miss this event.

To reserve your spot for this free event (space is limited), simply click the link below and sign-up today.

PowerPoint Shortcut Secrets for 2019 - reserve your spot here



P.S. Taylor will also share a handful of insider PowerPoint secrets for working with text and pictures (one of which even the Microsoft PowerPoint team wasn’t aware of).

To join the training live (or get the replay), reserve your spot here.