Inform and Impress Your Clients with Virtual Reality

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Last week, I was amazed by what Lia (more famously known as P-Spice) shared with me. And yes, while what she showed was amazing, the real 'amazing' part was how easy she has made it for anyone to play with Virtual Reality, and then use it in presentations and elsewhere, to inform and impress your audience.

Lia Virtual Reality Webinar

If you are interested in setting yourself apart with the latest technology, you are in for a treat!

That’s because I’m inviting P-Spice to hold a 1.5 hour training teaching you:

How to Think and Design in Virtual Reality: Getting Ahead of the Virtual Reality Wave

And the cool thing about the training is, you don’t need to invest in a bunch of equipment or learn any coding languages to jump ahead of the curve.

Specializing in emerging presentation tech, Lia from Spicy Presentations will show you how to get started with exploring and even building your own experiences in VR - no headsets required.

You won’t believe what’s now possible - using only your phone and an internet connection.

During the 1.5 hour training session, you’ll be able to:

Topic #1Sift through the firehose of overwhelming information out there in the virtual reality space, and learn how to practically dive in and start using it today.

Topic #2Think through and design basic VR environments without having to invest in a bunch of expensive equipment (as long as you have a smartphone and an internet browser, you have all the equipment you need to start exploring and tinkering).

Topic #3 Create and join VR collaboration environments with clients, friends and colleagues.

Topic #4 Explore the next evolution in digital photography - 360 Photo Spheres, or immersive photos that fully surround you (and you can already make them today with your smartphone).

Topic #5 Create “virtual reality tours” of any physical space that are viewable in a computer browser or VR headset.

Topic #6 Unlock a LITTLE KNOWN virtual reality 3D object library that you can use inside PowerPoint.

Topic #7 Ask all your questions and more!

And what's the most amazing part of this webinar? The fact that P-Spice proves that anyone can create them!

Even if you aren’t ready to take full advantage of this technology yet, you’ll still be blown away with what’s now possible... especially when you see how easy it is to use.

To join us live for this special virtual reality training and save $25 as an Indezine community member, see details below.

Event: How to Think and Design in Virtual Reality

Date: Tuesday, July 10th 1PM Eastern Standard Time

Details: See sign-up details here

As a participant, you’ll also receive a FULL recording of the event and Q&A session (no extra charge).

On top of the hour of training itself, P-Spice and Indezine have also agreed to throw in some bonuses. So this is what you will get:

Topic #1 Existing Webinar Recording

Topic #2 PDF Cheat Sheets

Topic #3 PDF of the Presentation (not the slides themselves)

Topic #4 Jigsaw Graphics Set from Indezine worth $9.99 - this will be sent directly to you from Indezine.

Topic #5 Live Webinar Training with Lia (1.5 maybe even 2.0 hour training session)

Topic #6 Can Ask VR questions before or after the Webinar

Topic #7 Recording of the Live Webinar

So even if you can’t make it live, I recommend checking it out.

See training event details here.

Inform and Impress Your Clients with Virtual Reality

So if you're interested in learning how to Virtual Reality is going to change presenting like you have never imagined, I highly recommend looking into this offer.

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