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Dear {!name_fix},

Less than 18 hours...

That's all you have left before this an exclusive live PowerPoint 3D training opportunity.

Before that happens, I want to give you one last chance to not only grab the Spicy Slide Pack™ Training Bundle including over 280MB of animated slides and special effects, but also join P-Spice's live training event in a few weeks.

In the live training with P-Spice, you’ll get coaching on how to use the latest PowerPoint animations and effects including PowerPoint’s NEW 3D capabilities.

  • Curious to see how you can create 3D objects in PowerPoint?
  • Curious to know where to find 3D objects for your presentations?
  • Curious to learn how to quickly customize and combine 3D objects?
Microsoft is investing heavily in making PowerPoint a 3D graphic friendly program, and I strongly believe it’s the future of presentations. That because it makes your visuals so much clearer and interactive.

To be clear, a live training event like this with P-Spice normally costs more than the Spicy Slide Pack™ bundle itself, but I've convinced her to include the training as a FREE bonus for the Indezine community this week only.

To get this special 3D training bonus, simply click the link below and purchase the Spicy Slide Pack™ Training bundle before midnight tonight (it expires soon).

>> Get details on the Slide Pack Training Bundle + Live Training Webinar here

When you purchase the Training Bundle before midnight tonight, you'll get:
  • Over 280MB of animated slides and special effects that you can plug-n-play, deconstruct and leverage for your own creative uses.

  • 166-pages of illustrated, step-by-step PDF tutorials: Follow along step-by-step with these PDF tutorials to deconstruct the slides and practice building them yourself.

  • 5-page Quick Start Video Guide: Download P-Spice's one-click quick start guide to video tutorials, annotated with her comments about each of the videos.

  • P-Spice’s (complete) kinetic typography sequence including 29 expertly timed and execute slides that run like a movie (it took over 20 hours to design and build).
Spice Slide Sample

On top of that, you'll automatically be enrolled to join P-Spice live training webinar and learn some of the latest that is happening in the PowerPoint animation and effect world, including going 3D.

You'll also receive a replay of the webinar if you can't make it live or want to review the training later.

Again, the special live training event with P-Spice expires tonight at midnight. Click the link below to see everything you get.

>> Spicy Slide Pack™ Training Bundle + Live Webinar Bonus

If you've ever wanted to learn animations from the best, then you'll want to check this out before it expires.

Get it Now


P.S. You also will get grandfathered into the Spicy Slide Pack™ community and be one of the first to get your hands on her latest animated slides as they come out. Check it out here.