A new PowerPoint trend

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How to increase your hourly rate by 50%
Dear {!name_fix},

There is a new trend happening in PowerPoint that probably affects how you build your slides.

That trend is leveraging the hidden Microsoft Office features to build your PowerPoint slides 50% faster…

And we PROVED it yesterday!

PowerPoint Breakthroughs

In case you forgot to sign up for this week’s workshops I thought you’d enjoy seeing how to dismantle some wild PowerPoint tasks like…

Cropping, resizing AND positioning 56 irregular photos in less than a minute.

Highlights from yesterday’s training include:

06:30: Cropping and resizing 56 photos in seconds

10:15: The RR Technique to unlock hidden features

13:01: Ripping text out of pictures

16:06: The Shortcut of Champions

20:00: Generating thousands of layouts quickly

29:13: Adding up PowerPoint numbers

On top of that, you can spin these techniques to rip all of the data out of a broken link chart without retyping it!

Just in case you missed last week’s sign up, I wanted to make this first video available to you anyway (no opt-in required).

PowerPoint Pain Matrix

To join us for the rest of this week’s training (we have a lot more to cover), just look for the link below the video.

I'll keep this up for 48 hours for you.

Hard Skills Virtual Workshop #1


Geetesh Bajaj


Do you know how to rip text out of your pictures without retyping any of it?

Do you know how to break a PowerPoint table down into shapes for your visuals using Excel?

Do you know how to add up numbers in PowerPoint without breaking out a calculator?

You can see how to do it all in our first virtual workshop here.