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How to increase your hourly rate by 50%
Dear {!name_fix},

This is a quick reminder about next week's Hard Skills Virtual Workshop (details here).

This is a special event I'm hosting to boost your output in PowerPoint by 50%... almost immediately.

PowerPoint Breakthroughs

Here are some of the breakthrough topics that will boost your productivity by 50% next week:

Topic #1See how to unlock hidden Office features that chew through repetitive and annoying tasks for you.

Topic #2Use the Shortcut Pyramid to map your least favorite tasks to easy-to-use shortcuts.

Topic #3Discover why 50% of the best and most actionable Office shortcuts require no memorization at all.

Topic #4All but eliminate the dead-end-PowerPoint-task that consumes 40% or more of your build time.

Topic #5And more to come that we will tell you only after you sign up for this no-obligation workshop!

On top of that, before and after the workshop I recommend taking the PowerPoint Pain Matrix test to see where your skills lie. We will send you information on using the PowerPoint Pain Matrix test after you sign up.

PowerPoint Pain Matrix

That way you can assess how much you learn during the workshop and discover where to focus your efforts in the future to take your new skills even further.

This is going to be an action-packed, straightforward workshop that delivers results. Taylor is going to bring the thunder, so I hope you join us.

The first session will begin on Monday at 9am. To join us, simply click the link below and register today (it’s free).

Hard Skills Virtual Workshop - Register For Free Here



P.S. One of the biggest PowerPoint challenges in the world is this:

"PowerPoint is one of those programs that everyone believes they have mastered when in fact they (me) have not scratched the surface" Bruce…

"The question is…

Are you the kind of person who is open to learning new things that propel you forward? Or are you the kind of person who thinks they already know everything and ends up falling behind?

Next week we’re sharing some of the biggest PowerPoint breakthroughs that will boost your productivity by 50%... and it’s free to join.

The onus is on us to deliver the results. What do you have to lose? Register here