How to increase your hourly rate by 50%

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How to increase your hourly rate by 50%
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The secret to charging 50% more for your time is simple.

Deliver 50% more results in the same amount of time. And that's what next week is all about.
Next week I'm hosting a 3-Part Hard Skills Virtual Workshop with my good friend Taylor to juice up your workflow with:

3 PowerPoint breakthroughs that boost your productivity by 50%, almost immediately!

PowerPoint Breakthroughs

Each session will be 30 minutes (so roughly 90 minutes total) and the topics we will cover include:

Topic #1 Topic #1: Crushing It with Hidden Office Features
Unlock the hidden features of Microsoft Office that chew through repetitive and annoying tasks for you.

Topic #2 Topic #2: Shortcutting Your Least Favorite Tasks Forever
See why 50% of the best shortcuts require ZERO memorization and why they free you up for more important tasks.

Topic #3 Topic #3: Reclaiming 40% of Your Slide-Life
Automate the biggest 'dead-end-task' in PowerPoint and reclaim the lion's share of your slide-life.

And the reason these 3 topics are so effective at delivering a 50% boost in productivity, is that they automate many of the manual things you are doing in PowerPoint right now.

For more details and to see how to sign up for next week’s Hard Skills Virtual Workshop, use the link below.

The first session begins next Monday at 9am PST.

Hard Skills Virtual Workshop: Register For Free Here

How will the Hard Skills Virtual Workshop work?

Our Indezine community spans so many time zones, we want this to be as convenient for you to attend as possible. And that’s why Taylor and I decided to film each Hard Skill Workshop one day prior to the date, and then send them out to all participants such as you.

That way you don't have to worry about your own time-zone and can attend whenever it’s convenient for you.

On top of that, the Virtual Workshop will include a running Comments section where you can get answers to your own PowerPoint questions too.

If you're interested in building up some marketable hard skills, Taylor always delivers some of THE MOST actionable training I've ever seen.

Click the link below to join us for next week. The first session begins next Monday at 9am.

Hard Skill Virtual Workshop - Indezine members register for Free

I hope you can join us, it's going to be fun.



P.S. Taylor shared a few of these PowerPoint breakthroughs at the Presentation Summit in Las Vegas last year. Here is what some participants said:

"Why isn’t Microsoft teaching this kind of stuff?"

"Simple! My life has changed."

"Assumed I knew more than I do…"

"This guy blew my mind!! I couldn’t write notes fast enough. Invite him back!"

"This was the "wow" session that made me feel stupid and enlightened at the same time."

"I would have paid $500 for this information."

This virtual workshop starts next week, so reserve your spot soon. Register your seat for the Hard Skills Virtual Workshop now