Shrink your PowerPoint Presentations for Less

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Hi {!name_fix},

I've been using NXPowerLite for over 10 years now, a quick look back at my articles and I can see that the first time I wrote about how awesome it is was way back in 2003!

Making your presentations beautiful invariably means using high resolution pictures, and these can quickly stack up resulting monstrous file sizes. So what you need is a way to reduce the size of the files without reducing the visual quality - NXPowerLite is exactly the tool to achieve this. You can pick up this great bit of software free for 14 days right now, plus get 50% off on Black Friday sale - Download Free Trial for Windows or Mac.

Here's one sample presentation before and after running it through NXPowerLite:
Before (3.62 MB)
After (680 KB)
The visual difference between them is imperceptible (see for yourself) but the file that has been reduced with NXPowerLite is 80% smaller!

It's going to stop your emails bouncing back when you attach big PowerPoint files, reduce bandwidth usage and free up storage space. It's a simple 1-click solution and can be set to automatically shrink your emails through Outlook integration. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to pick up tech deals - this one's my pick for PowerPoint users!


Neuxpower are also offering 50% off their software solutions for IT professionals. If you've got lots of PDF, JPEG, TIFF and Office files clogging up your organization's storage or mail system - they have a simple tool to help you out - see their Black Friday page for more details.