Ends Tonight + A Photoshop Trick That’s Actually Faster in PowerPoint

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Dear {!name_fix},

I want to quickly remind you about the Indezine special animations training webinar and special bonuses that expire tonight .

But first...

I want to share with you a special photo trick that most people mistakenly think can only be done in Photoshop.

Because not only can it be done in PowerPoint, P-Spice proves that it's actually faster (and much easier) in PowerPoint.

This is the effect I'm talking about.

Spice Slide Sample

And while the effect itself is cool, the way to pull it off is genius!

The collage above is built using a single photo. And I don't mean the same photo duplicated over and over again (which is how most people would try to create it).

I mean one single easy-to-swap-out photo (see bonus tip below).

To create it, just follow these steps:

Step #1 Copy the photo you want use for the collage onto your clipboard (CTRL + X or CTRL+C). Then, right-click on your slide background and go to Format Background. Next, select "picture or texture" fill and choose Clipboard.

Step #2 Create your picture frame by putting a white rectangle on top of a larger white rectangle. You can make a Polaroid-like shape by making the larger rectangle thicker on the bottom. Group the 2 shapes so it looks like the picture below.

Rectangles on top on one another

Step #3 Right click the smaller rectangle and under Format Shape, Fill, set it to filled with the slide background (see where this is going?).

Step #4 Draw in a black rectangle the size of the slide. Send it to the back.

And it gets better!

The bonus tip is that once it’s set up, you can swap in a new picture at any time and poof…you have a brand new effect without reworking the whole slide.

And that's what makes P-Spice's training techniques so great!

She breaks down these kinds of complicated effects and animations into easy to follow steps that anyone can follow.

And this picture trick is just one of the insider secrets she shares in the webinar training that expires tonight at midnight.

Innovative Design and Animation Techniques with P-Spice

Other professional effects include.

On top of the hour of training itself, P-Spice has also agreed to throw in these animated slide bonuses too:

#1: Amazing moving text effects to add an instant movie-like POP to your message that looks like it was professionally made.

#2: Cool memory games for some spicy fun using PowerPoint’s interactive features (great for classrooms!).

#3: [NEW] Morph transition to easily create stunning effects (including one that looks exactly like Prezi) your audience won’t believe are done in PowerPoint.

#4: [NEW] Zoom feature to put you on the cutting edge of presentation style and let your audience decide where to go next in your presentation.

Spice Slide Sample

As you can imagine, figuring out these kinds of effects can take you years of trial and error (like it did P-Spice), so seeing them done in one place massively accelerates your learning.

The webinar training also includes the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: The slides from the webinar (so you can click along with P-Spice if you like and/or directly copy and paste the animations into your own work).

Bonus #2: An animated world map using a clever combination of the brand new Zoom effect + hyperlinks, that you can plug and play into your own presentations.

Bonus #3: A secret bonus resource that you'll get to download and learn how to use during the training ☺.

Again, this was a special live training bonus that was only available to buyers of the Spicy Slide Pack, but it was so good that I wanted to make it available to you without having to buy anything else.

Lia “P-Spice”

To get this special webinar replay with P-Spice, plus all the bonuses, click the link below before midnight tonight.

>> Get Your Exclusive Spicy Animations Training

If you've ever wanted to how to build professional effects and animations in PowerPoint, I recommend checking this out before it expires tonight.

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P.S. Remember: Today is your last chance to get this special training with P-Spice (plus all the bonuses)… as this offer will expire at midnight.