What's Your Best Indicator of Success, in any Profession?


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I'm teaming up this week with one of the most creative PowerPoint pros on the web to bring you an exclusive live training opportunity.

But first off...

Have you ever wondered what the #1 indicator of success in any profession is?

I did some research and was surprised to find out that:

It's not university degrees...
It's not personal connections...
It's not years of experience...

(Although all of the above can certainly help)

Public Management Magazine reports that the #1 indicator of success - in any profession - is how often you are asked to deliver presentations.

The report found that those who are consistently asked to present not only earn more money, but they also advance further in their careers.

Presentation Skills are Important

On top of that, the American Salesman publication found that 75% of the executives surveyed deemed presentation skills to be 3 times more important than writing and aptitude for career advancement.

That means that presentation skills are critical to your future success.

And while it's crucial to have a strong message and storyline when presenting, most people miss out on the opportunity to let their slides tell their story - and creative animations are a great way to do this.

I'm not talking about random flying or spinning objects - I mean expertly timed and delivered animated techniques to help your story unfold on screen, keeping your audience engaged and wondering...

"Wow, how did they do that!?"

That's why I'm excited to be teaming up with one of the most creative PowerPoint pros on the web - P-Spice - to bring you an exclusive Indezine-only training opportunity.

In short, P-Spice runs one of the most visited PowerPoint training series on the web - with 2.8 million views and counting - where she teaches unique slide design tricks and beautiful animation techniques to wow your audience.

P-Spice Lia's YouTube Channel

That said, the real secret lies in her slides themselves.

While she demonstrates the basic versions for free on the web, her most interesting - and spiciest - combinations are exclusively available in her Spicy Slide Pack...

The Spicy Slide Pack puts some of the most realistic and interesting animated techniques and sequences at your fingertips, including:

  • 199MB of animated slides and special effects that you can plug-n-play, deconstruct and leverage for your own creative uses.

  • 166-pages of illustrated, step-by-step PDF tutorials: Follow along step-by-step with these PDF tutorials to deconstruct the slides and practice building them yourself.

  • 5-page Quick Start Video Guide: Download P-Spice's one-click quick start guide to video tutorials, annotated with her comments about each of the videos.
The bundle represents over 100 creative hours of slide work and design that would cost over $10,000 to hire someone to create for you...

And you can get access to it all for a fraction of that price this week.

On top of that, if you grab the Spicy Slide Pack by this Friday the 12th, at 11:59 PM EST, you will also get to join P-Spice live Indezine only animations training webinar.

>> See all the details on the Spicy Slide Pack + Live Training Opportunity next week

Spice Slide Sample

During the live training webinar, P-Spice will show you additional secrets behind some of her most popular techniques as well as tips to get the most value from your Spicy Slide Pack slides, as you use them in your own PowerPoint projects.

To get the bonus live training session with P-Spice, simply snag the Spicy Slide Bundle by this Friday, 11:59PM EST.

>> Spicy Training Bundle + Training Bonus Expires Friday

This is a unique opportunity I've arranged this week only for the Indezine community.

If you've ever felt like the Animations tab is a no-man's land... you might want to check this out before it expires Friday.

Get it Now



P.S. P-Spice's animation techniques are all natively done in PowerPoint. They require:

No 3rd party software...
No add-ins...
No special extensions...

This is special Indezine-only training (not available anywhere else) and it expires this Friday. Go here for the details.

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