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A 2014 survey of 1269 individuals representing 5 industries showed that 47% use PPT in their work, yet a staggering 90% of those have never used a slide or presentation library to manage their presentations. takes this all into account. We understand how PPT is used and know that keeping track of slides and presentations in demanding, fast-paced corporate or academic environments can be taxing. As presentations are created, reused, emailed around and modified for each audience, it is easy to lose control of your slides. Lost slides and wrong versions can create frustration and wasted time for your whole team. solves these problems.

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One secure location for organizing all of your slides and presentations

Simple drag-and-drop for uploading and organizing presentations

Easy version control of every slide and presentation

Edit a slide and automatically update every presentation that the slide is in

Assign search tags to any slide

Search for slides by content or search tags

Quickly generate a link to share any presentation, even with people who don't have a account

Take a look at presentation sharing with our Getting Started Slides online presentation.

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Stop hunting for slides and spend more time creating presentations that WOW.

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What's being said about SlideSource?

"We think SlideSource is an amazing attempt at solving one of the biggest problems that organizations face when building and managing large amounts of content. Kudos to them for tackling something so big and complex!"

Taylor Croonquist
Nuts and Bolts - Speed Training for PowerPoint

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We look forward to helping you with your slide and presentation management!

The SlideSouce Team
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