Goodie of the Week: Stars 03

by Geetesh Bajaj
November 26, 2015

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Similar to Get Nowour Stars 01 and Stars 02 series, these combine-and-use star symbols are already colored using popular colors - and since they are native PowerPoint objects, you can change their fills, lines, and effects.

All the stars are contained within several sample presentations that you download.
Star Shapes 03 for PowerPoint

Get these Star shapes at a price you set!

Slide with a Star 03 graphic

All shapes are PowerPoint native so you can perform all kind of edits that you can do with the shapes inside PowerPoint. These stars come in 6 ready-to-use colors! For each color, there are 4 shape variations.

Star Shapes 03 Star Shapes 03

Star Shapes 03 Star Shapes 03

First combine star shapes as required. Then just copy the combined star clip art(s) you like and paste into another PowerPoint slide, or even a Word document or Excel worksheet.

Star Shapes 03All these star symbols are vector shapes, so you can easily edit them within your Microsoft Office program, and resize them without losing sharpness or clarity.

Get these shapes for next to nothing - you can set your own price!

See these shapes in action (opens a YouTube video link):

Star Shapes 03 YouTube Video

Also Available: Star Shapes 01 | Star Shapes 02
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