Organic Shapes for PowerPoint -- with Brush Edges

by Geetesh Bajaj
July 9, 2015

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Have you tried to Get Now draw a line or a circle with just holding a pencil or marker in your hand?

You'll end up with a shape that may fail you in a geometry test but it still looks human, personal, and different -- just like these organic shapes.

These hand-drawn, organic shapes will help you break the monotony of conventional, boring slides, and assist you in explaining difficult concepts better to your audiences.

Organic Shapes for PowerPoint

Here are some ideas that show how these shapes can be used:

Organic Flow Charts

Organic Process Diagrams

Organic Faux Charts

Organic Timelines

Buy and download all these Organic Shapes for $99 $49 -- LIMITED TIME OFFER!

See What You Get?
8 Organic Starter Shapes + 8 Organic Starter Shapes +
8 Hand-Drawn Variants of Each Organic Shape + (64 options) 8 Hand-Drawn Variants of Each Organic Shape + (64 options)
12 Brush Stroke Styles + (768 options) 12 Brush Stroke Styles + (768 options)
4 Sizes + (3072 options) 4 Sizes + (3072 options)
Plus, you get Lines, Curves, and Arrows!
Compatible with all PowerPoint versions.

Watch these Organic Shapes in Action!

Organic Shapes in Action!
Click above to see a YouTube video that shows how these Organic Shapes work.

Show Me The Organic Shapes!

Want to see how the Organic Shapes look like? These pictures below give you an idea -- remember all Organic Shapes can be resized as large as you want without any pixelation.

Organic Circles Organic Circles

Organic Squares Organic Squares

Organic Triangles Organic Triangles

Organic Diamonds Organic Diamonds

Organic Stars Organic Stars

Organic Rectangles Organic Rectangles

Organic Honeycombs (Hexagons) Organic Honeycombs (Hexagons)

Organic Ovals Organic Ovals

Organic Lines, Curves, and Arrows Organic Lines, Curves, and Arrows

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