Huge Halloween Collection

Celebrate this Halloween with Indezine's assorted goodies for presentations and more.

Halloween Collection

by Geetesh Bajaj, October 30, 2014

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Halloween is almost here, and we are back with several ideas that will help you celebrate more visually.

Halloween Premium PowerPoint Templates

Halloween Premium PowerPoint Templates   Halloween Premium PowerPoint Templates

Halloween Premium PowerPoint Templates   Halloween Premium PowerPoint Templates

These templates are available in both standard and widescreen resolutions -- and as a special offer, you can get 20% off the full price rate. Click here to get these premium templates.

Halloween PowerPoint Kit

Halloween PowerPoint Kit

The Indezine Halloween Kit is a self-contained set of content that provides everything you need to create picture slides for PowerPoint. This kit contains 5 Standard and 5 Widescreen Halloween PowerPoint Themes, a scary font, some silhouette pictures, scrapbook style embellishments, some pictures, and even a few sample slides.

Use this kit as a starting point to create your own picture slides! Then you can email your creations, or share them.

Click here to download the kit.

Halloween Scrapbook Embellishments and Snagit Stamps

Halloween Scrapbook Embellishments and Snagit Stamps

This download contains over 200 Halloween themed scrapbook embellishments and Snagit stamps. You can use these embellishments to create super cool scrapbook presentations. Alternatively, use these as attention-seeking graphics within conventional PowerPoint slides.

The embellishments and stamps are all PNGs with transparent areas. All embellishments can be inserted like any other graphic in your PowerPoint slide.

Click here to download this kit.

Halloween Picture Layouts

Halloween Picture Layouts

Celebrate this Halloween by capturing every visual moment within PowerPoint with Our ready to use layouts. These are essentially Ready to Use Presentations with Picture Layouts.

You can copy these slides to your own presentation or you can use the presentations you get by downloading.

This entire collection contains 10 presentations with picture layouts and all come in standard and widescreen resolutions.

Click here to download this kit.

Our Other Products

Organic Shapes -- with Brush Edges
Organic Shapes for PowerPoint
Have you tried to draw a line or a circle with just holding a pencil or marker in your hand? You'll end up with a shape that may fail you in a geometry test but it still looks human, personal, and different - just like these organic shapes.

Buy and Download for $99 -- LIMITED TIME FOR $49

Gear Graphics (Series 01)
Animated gears
Have you ever wanted to use animated or non animated gear graphics in your PowerPoint slides? Get this Gear Graphics for PowerPoint and create amazing slides.

Buy and Download for $10+

Countdown Timers 01
Countdown Timers
Here are a bunch of Countdown Timer slides that you can use to create or embed in your own PowerPoint presentation slides. Available in two slide sizes for both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) resolutions.

Buy and Download for $5+

Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint
Jigsaw Shapes for PowerPoint
Here are a bunch of jigsaw slides that you can use to create your own jigsaw puzzles quickly within your own slides! Each jigsaw shape comes in three counts small, medium, and large.

Buy and Download for $5+

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