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by Geetesh Bajaj, May 22, 2014
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We are glad to extend this once-in-a-while offer in partnership with PowerFinish. As most of you know, this has always been a very successful promo. Why? Because there's so much you get for so little! This time, we made this even better for you with extra holiday slides!

See what you get:

  • 15,000 PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds -- these are all professionally designed so as to be eminently useable!

  • 16 Volumes of Looping Video Background Sets, including Animated Splash Screens

  • 4 Volumes of HD video clips

  • A full single user license for business use

  • Free shipping anywhere in the world!
PowerFinish is a brand used and trusted by over 200 of the Fortune 500 companies in the US.

What Will You Receive?

See what is included -- the regular price is listed on the right column below. Fortunately you will pay a fraction of that amount for this combo package!
What's Included?

Regular Price

Standard Templates: All 3 Volumes. Reg. Price $49.99 each; 150 templates with title, text and print slides $149.97
Multi-Slide Templates: All 3 Volumes. Reg. Price $49.99 each; 150 templates with 4-6 alternate slides $149.97
High Definition Templates: 1 Volume. Reg. Price $29.99; 50 720p templates with 5 alternate slides $29.99
High Definition Backgrounds: 2 Volumes. Reg. Price $29.99 each; 70 16:9 backgrounds per volume $59.98
Standard Backgrounds: All 3 Volumes. Reg. Price $29.99 each; 1000 unique presentation backgrounds $89.97
Template Design Sets: Reg. Price $29.99 each. 50 PowerPoint templates - each with 18 backgrounds $29.99
Presenters’ Choice Backgrounds: Reg. Price $69.99; 12,000 backgrounds in 100 coordinated style sets $69.99
Video Backgrounds: All 16 Volumes. Reg. Price $9.99 each, 20 videos per volume $159.84
Worship Themes and Videos: All Volumes. Reg. Price $89.99 each $89.99
Single User full commercial license for your business use

Total Price:


Your Price:


Includes Free Worldwide Shipping of 2 DVDs -- Bundle of over 15,000 Templates, Backgrounds, and Videos
Compatible with all versions of PowerPoint -- from PowerPoint 97 through 2013 for Windows, and PowerPoint 98 through 2011 for Mac. Get Now
Get Now

Did You Know?

The Worship package that is part of this promotion also contains 17 generic sets like welcome, turn off cell phone, etc. Having an animated front end and matching static slides with and without text makes this very useful indeed! You will find many such surprises in this collection.

This offer is only valid through May 31, 2014 -- so please act soon if you don't want to miss this amazing option.
 Includes Speciality Slides

End Note

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