PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences

by Geetesh Bajaj, April 11th 2014
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For all of you who work with PowerPoint too little or too much, there's no Buy Now debate about the fact that getting a task done quicker always results in great satisfaction. And getting your PowerPoint tasks done quicker is just one of the benefits you will gain by using keyboard shortcuts and sequences.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences for PowerPoint Just the other day, someone asked about a quicker way to bring up the Paste Special dialog in PowerPoint for Windows -- and someone actually recommended that you hold the Alt and E keys at the same time, let them go and quickly press S, which is one of the keyboard sequences for PowerPoint. Well, there's a better way!

You can press Ctrl+Alt+V together and save the trouble -- and you would still see the Paste Special dialog box.

That was just one instance -- there are PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts that are not documented even in the program's Help. Want to know about all these missing shortcuts and sequences? Or do you want to know if your favorite keyboard shortcuts are documented? Get a copy of our PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences e-book.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences for PowerPoint

Go here to buy a copy of this e-book for just $5 -- this e-book covers keyboard shortcuts and sequences for PowerPoint 2013, 2011, 2010, 2007, and 2003 on Windows and Mac.

Happy press-the-keyboard for you!

What You Get?

86 page PDF e-book

Covers the last four Windows versions of PowerPoint (2013, 2010, 2007, and 2010)

Covers PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Also Covers Keyboard Sequences of all PowerPoint versions

Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences for PowerPoint

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