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Buy Now I have partnered with my fellow PowerPoint MVP Ellen Finkelstein to bring you a fantastic offer: 2 great PowerPoint products at a 33% discount.

Here's What You Get:

1. Concept Slides: Organic Shapes, from Indezine

Concept Slides: Organic ShapesShapes that look scribbled or doodled attract more attention from audiences these days. We actually doodled shapes on paper - and then reproduced them as native PowerPoint shapes for you to use -- we call this the Organic Shapes collection!

The entire collection contains 8 shape types -- each type has 10 variants - so you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options!

With this easy-to-use product, you can quickly take your PowerPoint slides from mediocre to memorable and keep your audience attentive. Perfect for combating the dreaded "Death by PowerPoint! syndrome".

2. Slide Design for Non-Designers, by Ellen Finkelstein

Slide Design for Non-DesignersDiscover how to design high-impact PowerPoint slides with step-by-step instructions and clear color illustrations. 100+ pages. Covers PowerPoint 2003, 2007 and 2010.

This comprehensive e-book includes the following chapters:
  1. Create Custom Theme Colors
  2. Format the Slide Master
  3. Use the Tell 'n' ShowSM method
  4. Layout Principles
  5. Contrast
  6. Finishing Touches
  7. The Four Layouts that Always Look Good
  8. Keep a Library of Slides
  9. Summary
  10. Bonus Chapter: Keyboard Shortcuts
PLUS you'll get these fantastic bonus downloads to make using the principles and techniques super easy!

  • A template and theme with a simple bar at the top and bottom
  • Sample presentation (2 slides) using the template and theme
  • Sample presentation with custom layouts
  • An 11-slide presentation containing some of the slides you see in the e-book

"Everything a beginner needs to know to start creating a PowerPoint presentation. Covers 2003 - 2010. Plenty of diagrams to make sure you're on the right track. Pity I didn't have it a couple of years ago when I was helping a friend..." - Kaylene Horne, Windows Expert-Consumer MVP
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The Organic Shapes collection contains:

Organic Circles
Organic Circles
Organic Squares
Organic Squares
Organic Triangles
Organic Triangles
Organic Stars
Organic Stars
Organic Diamonds
Organic Diamonds
Organic Rectangles
Organic Rectangles
Organic Honeycombs
Organic Honeycombs
Organic Ovals
Organic Ovals

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