by Geetesh Bajaj, October 23rd 2012
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Handmade Slides: Scribble Custom Textures

Handmade Slides: Scribble Custom Textures

These scribble custom textures may appear like normal diagonal lines, but they are more than just diagonal or even lines. Look closer and you'll see that all lines are not straight like drawn with a ruler -- rather they are organic and textured -- almost like you scribbling lines with a pencil!

Download these scribbled lines and use them as texture fills for your shape or text to end up with awesome results.

HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations: Conversation with Nancy Duarte

Nancy DuarteNancy Duarte has been Principal at Duarte Design since 1990. Her firm is in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and the client list is loaded with Fortune 500 companies. Her passion for business communications that are clear, meaningful and attractive has opened doors for her in a business world full of cluttered and complex visual communications. After authoring two best-selling books, Slide:ology and Resonate, Nancy announced the release of her new book, HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations. In this conversation, Nancy discusses her new book.

Read the conversation here.

Slides and Speakers: by Tom Mucciolo

Tom MuccioloThe challenge in presentations is when the design task is separate from the delivery, making collaboration more critical. As we entered the new millennium, companies began to focus on consistency in presentations, especially for global organizations serving global markets. In fact, it was becoming increasingly clear that audiences wanted a cohesive blend of design and delivery to support a well-developed message. Too often, when the presenters of content were neither the designers of the slides, nor the developers of the underlying message, the result was an inconsistency that audiences could recognize. The lack of collaboration among creative minds creates a marketing nightmare for so many organizations who seek uniformity across media formats. The most typical example is a presentation designed by a marketing department for use by a remote sales force. The tendency is to produce wordy, busy support content to assist even the "least experienced" presenter. In turn, presenters typically "narrate" the abundant content so as to cover everything, leaving little time for stories, examples, analogies and interaction.

Read more in this post by Tom Mucciolo.

Using Stock Photos and Diagrams in Business Presentations: by M. S. Ramgopal

M. S. RamgopalBusiness presentations are increasingly becoming visual. Slide decks are being used more as visual aids for audiences than as memory joggers for presenters. In this article, we explore the specific roles played by two common visual tools -viz. stock photos and diagrams in business presentations. Even though the terms "photos" and "diagrams" are quite common, the difference between the two tools is not clearly defined. So, let us take a minute to spell out the difference as we see it.

Read more in this post by M. S. Ramgopal.

Steve Jobs and PowerPoint

Steve Jobs and PowerPoint

OK, this is one of those strange things in life that encounters you in a foreign country. Back in May, I was on vacation in Bangkok and ended up in a book store full of Thai computer books.

My curiosity led me to find books on PowerPoint and the most prominently displayed book in this section had Steve Jobs on the cover!

Read more here.

D1gits: Conversation with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales

Charlie CaperCharlie Caper is a magician, performer and creator. He won Sweden’s Got Talent 2009, and is the only magician to ever win this TV format in any of the 25 countries it's aired. He won a Silver Medal at the Last World Championship of Magic in 2009.

Erik RosalesErik Rosales is a multi-talented man with a huge interest and expertise in all kinds of technology and how to use it on stage. He is also the front man of incredible Swedish music sensation Sirqus Alfon, with whom he recently created the ambitious, inventive and amazing SATV show. In this conversation, Charlie and Erik discuss alternatives to slide-led presentations, such as their presentation for the city of Stockholm.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010 for Windows: Text Fills

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Text and Fonts

Halloween is providing you 20% off any PowerPoint template collection (Including this Halloween collection) -- go to the special landing page on to learn more.
Halloween PowerPoint Templates
Halloween PowerPoint Templates
Halloween PowerPoint Templates
Halloween PowerPoint Templates

Indezine Halloween Kit

Halloween is not exactly Christmas -- yet we at Indezine are so happy! We think Halloween is a great time to have some fun -- so we bring you the the Indezine Halloween Kit. This is a self-contained set of PowerPoint content that provides everything you need to create Halloween themed picture slides.

The amazing kit contains

- PowerPoint Halloween Theme / Template
- Scary Font
- Professional Silhouette Clips
- Scrapbook Style Embellishments
- Pictures
- Sample Slides

Indezine Halloween Kit

Go ahead and download the kit now

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