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by Geetesh Bajaj, August 9th 2008

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Giveaways and More

SnagIt 9 BoxThis time, TechSmith is giving away 5 copies of SnagIt 9, a screen capture program that lets you capture, edit, and share exactly what you see on your screen -- fast. To win, all you need to do is fill in this form. This giveaway ends on August 14th.

And Ppted is giving away ten copies of their Origami collection of PowerPoint templates. To win, all you need to do is fill in this form. This giveaway also ends on August 14th.

PowerPoint Templates  PowerPoint Templates  PowerPoint Templates

Grayscale to Color Animation in PowerPoint

Grayscale to Color in PowerPoint 

This tutorial shows how to animate a grayscale picture into a color picture within PowerPoint. While this tutorial is done using PowerPoint 2007, you can use the same principles in older versions of PowerPoint.

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This tutorial builds upon our tutorial that showed you how you can animate a grayscale picture into a color version. In this tutorial, we use a cutout for the color version so that only a selected part of the picture is animated to color. The cutout was made in Adobe Photoshop -- and then animated as per the process explained within PowerPoint.

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Interviews on Indezine

Many experts have been featured on Indezine -- read what they say, and learn from them.

Julie TerbergAs owner and principle designer at Terberg Design, Julie Terberg develops custom presentation solutions — unique for every client and purpose. Julie also conducts training sessions for those who want to expand their skills.

In this conversation, Julie discusses the gradual shift that's taking place in the areas of PowerPoint design.

Ellen FinkelsteinEllen Finkelstein is author of several PowerPoint, Flash, and AutoCAD books -- she has just released her new ebook called 101 Tips Every PowerPoint User Should Know.

In this conversation, Ellen discusses this book, and how readers can benefit from all the tips in the book.

Lee PottsLee Potts has been blogging about visual communications and presentation-related issues since 2002. His current project, Breaking Murphy's Law (tagline: because when you're presenting, someone's always watching), launched in June.

In this Indezine exclusive conversation, Lee discusses Breaking Murphy's Law, why he created it, and some cool stuff on the blog.

Shawn TohShawn Toh started creating PowerPoint presentations since secondary school and his interest in PowerPoint animations kept growing. Shawn loves to do advanced animation tricks using PowerPoint.

In this conversation, Shawn discusses animation in PowerPoint and his PowerPoint Heaven site.

Wendy RussellWendy Russell is the Guide to Presentation Software -- in her role as a software consultant and teacher, Wendy gives frequent presentations, coaching and offering advice to students, educators and business clientele on how to make the most of presentation software.

In this interview, Wendy discusses her role as a guide at, talks about PowerPoint 2007, and shares some trivia.

Philip N. MorganPhilip N. Morgan is a seven year veteran of muvee and is its Chief Operating Officer. Before joining muvee Philip spent over 25 years working in television production and operations with stints at the BBC, ITN, TV-am, TVS, Orbit, TVBS and Sony Pictures Television. Philip is a keen photographer and videographer and enjoys cycling, jogging, travel and cooking.

In this Indezine exclusive conversation, Philip discusses the cool, new features in muvee Reveal, and, a new media sharing site from muvee.

Andrew MolyneuxNeuxpower creates NXPowerLite, a popular optimization program for Microsoft Office file formats including PowerPoint -- Andrew Molyneux leads Neuxpower's in-house team of developers.

In this Indezine exclusive conversation, Andrew gives us detailed responses on the evolution of NXPowerLite, and more.

Jefferson WestJefferson West is a co-founder and the CEO of Studeous. Jeff is responsible for the marketing, public relations, and strategy at Studeous. Often traveling between schools and the company headquarters in Austin, Texas; Jeff is frequently in discussions with teachers, administrators, and students to get timely feedback from the people who use Studeous.

In this coversation, Jefferson talks about Studeous, and the various plans it offers.

New Templates on Indezine

Olympic Games  Arrows  Easter

Olympic Games, Arrows, and Copacabana Pavement

TechSmith SnagIt Stamps from Scrapbookpresentations

Birthday  Easter  

powerpoint 2007 makeover kitPowerPoint 2007 Tip

As much as possible, avoid resizing title and text boxes. However, when you have to do it, never drag the boxes around; instead, resize them by dragging the handles in from the right side of the boxes. Never drag from the top of the left side of the boxes to resize because that alters those important margins in the slide. The human eye is very perceptive of the left and the top margins, but quite forgiving with the changes in the bottom and right margins.

This tip is from my new book, PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit which I co-authored with Echo Swinford -- check the book now!

And here are some excerpts...

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