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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover KitThis is about my new book! Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit is not as much about reading as it is about seeing and doing!

  • Full-color pages show you exactly how your
    slides will look as you follow the provided steps
    to give your regular run-of-the-mill presentations
    a complete makeover.
  • All presentations in various stages of the
    makeover are on the accompanying CD so
    you can learn the tricks and see exactly how everything was put together by the creators
    of award-winning presentations.
  • Each of the eight makeovers has been
    carefully chosen so it's relevant to anyone
    who has ever used PowerPoint.
  • And if you just upgraded to PowerPoint 2007,
    this book gives you a great introduction to the new version of the program, along with ample experience in using all the new features.
  • Explore everything from choosing appropriate colors to visually representing data.
  • Perfect you presentations by incorporating high-impact animation and multimedia elements. There's no better way of getting up to speed with PowerPoint 2007.

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Author Conversation

Geetesh BajajEcho Swinford is the co-author of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit, published by Que. The other author of this book is the owner of this newsletter (Geetesh Bajaj) -- so I thought it will be fun for one author to interview the other!

Geetesh: How much ground does this new book cover for the everyday PowerPoint user?

Echo SwinfordEcho: Well, I think the PowerPoint 2007 Makeover Kit actually covers most of the PowerPoint 2007 hills and valleys, at least enough to get you started walking through the woods!

Seriously, the book does cover almost all of the features in PowerPoint 2007, some to a greater extent than others. One of the goals was to teach users about PowerPoint 2007 while reviewing some basic best practices users can rely on to help make their presentations more polished. As a result, we talk a lot about leveraging themes and color schemes and slide layouts and the like to create consistency throughout a presentation. Because themes are new in PowerPoint 2007, and slide masters and layouts are not well understood (even though they do exist in previous versions of PowerPoint), even accomplished PowerPoint users should learn some helpful tricks.

I was really excited to do this book because I think it's important for people to see that even non-designers can make good-looking presentations.

Just because it's PowerPoint, it doesn't have to be ugly. There are a million design books out there, and there are a million PowerPoint books, but I don't think there's another "here's how to design in PowerPoint," with some practical things you can do to make your presentations look better.

Geetesh: What types of presentations do you cover, and why were these particular types of presentations chosen?

Echo: Well, we wanted to offer a good representation of the types of presentations we see every day, and of the types of presentations we're asked about frequently on the Microsoft PowerPoint newsgroup. So you'll see things like a couple of corporate presentations, a school report, a photo album with a background music track. This way, hopefully at least one makeover will be specifically relevant to most readers. Now, that doesn't mean the others won't be relevant -- they will be. For example, in the medical presentation makeover, we discuss using tabs instead of spacebar-spacebar-spacebar to align text on an agenda slide. But there are a gazillion other types of presentations that use agenda slides, and, for that matter, there are even more types of slides where you might use tabs to align the text. So the skills and best practices you learn about are transferable to any number of presentations.

Really, though, there seem to be some issues we just see repeatedly, no matter what type of presentation we're dealing with, and having a variety of presentation types allowed us to highlight those in different ways. To illustrate the point, I'll confess that I worry a little that readers will get sick of us harping on them to use the placeholders to ensure consistent text placement and formatting...but I'm telling you, that's one of the fundamental issues I see day in and day out as I clean up slides for various clients. If people only knew how to use the layouts and placeholders to their advantage, they'd save a ton of time -- and end up with better looking presentations to boot! I hope the book helps them realize that.

Tom Bunzel's Review on PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit

Here's a small excerpt from Tom Bunzel's review on PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit on InformIT:

There are, in my opinion, two different ways to get proficient in a computer, and more important, a professional discipline of some kind. One way is methodical, and the other way is to wing it.

I must confess that when I get a new program these days, I mainly try to intuit how it works and have little patience for methodical training.

But when I encounter methodical training, as I do in Echo Swinford and Geetesh Bajaj’s Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit, I am always reminded of how superior it is.

Particularly in a professional discipline like presentation coaching, consulting or authoring, and a program like the new PowerPoint 2007, taking a project oriented approach and then digging deep into the precise whys and wherefores helps to ground any end user thoroughly in techniques that are empowering and enduring.

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