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Remix in Microsoft Sway

Explore how the Remix option works in Microsoft Sway.

Sway is more than just a new way to create presentations; it is a liberating experience that lets you play and work at the same time. Yes, you would expect to add content or import content. But would you like to venture a little off the beaten path? Then you will love Sway's Remix option which randomly changes the design and navigation features to your Sway. Think of Remix as a dice that has infinite rather than just six choices. You never know what you will end up with!

Follow these steps to learn more:

  1. Since Remix may change the appearance of your Sway, you may want first to duplicate your Sway. Figure 1 below shows an open Sway.

  2. Figure 1: An open Sway
  3. Now click the Remix button as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1. This is akin to rolling the dice because you don't know what results will show up. You will see these results in the Preview Pane with a random style applied, as shown in Figure 2.

  4. Figure 2: Sway with random style applied
  5. If you do not care for the new style that Sway applies, you can click the Undo button as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2 immediately to undo this Remix and revert. Alternatively, click the Remix button again to use another style. Play around until you are happy!
  6. On the other hand, if you end up with a style that you largely like except for a few improvements, then retain this style and opt to customize it, as explained in our Customize Styles in Sway tutorial.