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Import Content into Microsoft Sway

Learn how to import content into Microsoft Sway.

Other than creating new Sways from scratch, you can also use your existing content by importing them into Sway. As of now, Sway allows you to import PowerPoint, PDF, and Word files.

Once you import these files into Sway, the original content of those files looks a little different because Sway tries its best to adapt it to the feel and look that is typical of a Sway! Moreover, that is a good thing, because that is what you want to happen. Remember, importing files into Sway is just a quick start. Later, you can add and edit the imported content within Sway. Do note though that this import process works best with small PowerPoint, PDF, and Word files. Don’t expect to import a 100 slide PowerPoint file, or a 200 page Word or PDF!

In this tutorial, we'll explore how you can import an existing PowerPoint file into Sway.

  1. Make sure you first sign into your Sway account. Thereafter, click the Import button (highlighted inred within Figure 1) within the My Sways page.

  2. Figure 1: Import button
  3. This brings up the Open dialog box, as shown in Figure 2. Here navigate to the file which you want to import. Select the file and click the Open button (refer to Figure 2, again).

  4. Figure 2: Open dialog box
  5. This will start the uploading process. Note that the uploading may take time based on the size of the file being uploaded. Figure 3, below shows that a file has uploaded within Sway.

  6. Figure 3: File imported into Sway
  7. You can also see the imported file within your My Sways page, shown highlighted in red within Figure 4.

  8. Figure 4: Imported file can be seen on My Sways page
  9. You can now edit the content as you want. You can also add Cards and/or insert more content.