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Group Cards in Microsoft Sway

Explore the various options within the Group Cards category in Microsoft Sway.

Other than Text and Media Cards, Sway also provides a third category of Cards – these are Group Cards. Unlike Text and Media Cards, Group Cards are not just a mere Card category. Group Cards, in fact, are a set of Cards. Think of a pack of playing cards, and the many ways in which you can arrange them? In the same way, the content in Group Cards can be arranged in 5 ways at the time of writing this article.

How this concept works will be more clear as you work further with Group Cards. Your Group Cards can contain almost any type of content that you can add within Sway such as pictures, tweets, videos, etc. To give you an example, you can add several pictures to a Group Card to create a picture slide show! Let’s now explore Group Cards further and see how you can insert them.

To insert a Group Card, follow these steps:

  1. Open any existing Sway where you want to add a Group card.
  2. Within the All Cards pane, you will find that there are five Card types within the Group category, as shown in Figure 1.

  3. Figure 1: Group Cards within All Cards pane
  4. Note: Is the All Cards pane, as shown in Figure 1 not visible? Then click the Cards option in the menu bar right as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2, later on this page.
  5. These five Group card types are:
  6. Automatic

  7. This Group Card automatically changes the layout of all the Cards it contains. Explore more in our Automatic Group Cards in Sway tutorial.
  8. Stack

  9. The Stack Group Card is rendered as a bunch of stacked Cards. At this time, only Picture Cards can be added to a Stack Group Card. We explore Stack Cards in detail within our Stack Group Cards in Sway tutorial.
  10. Comparison

  11. The Comparison Group Card is used to show a comparison, and works with only 2 Cards within the Group. Again, for now only Picture Cards can be added to a Comparison Group Card. Learn more in our Comparison Group Cards in Sway tutorial.
  12. Slideshow

  13. Slideshow Group Cards let you add multiple Picture Cards to create a slideshow within Sway. Learn more in our Slideshow Group Cards in Sway tutorial.
  14. Grid

  15. The Grid Group Card places Picture Cards in a grid. Explore more in our Grid Group Cards in Sway tutorial.
  16. Add the Group Card that you want by clicking on the relevant button within the All Cards pane, as shown in Figure 2.

  17. Figure 2: Group Cards added within Storyline

Each Group Card type allows you to do so much more. We explore these capabilities in separate tutorials which have been hyperlinked from this page.