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Designs in Microsoft Sway

Learn how you can use the Design options in Microsoft Sway.

Design is an individual preference. Something that you love may not appeal to a friend, but that does not make that person less friendly! The reverse is also true, and that's why it's so cool that at least you can change the design of your Sways with one click. You get to keep your friends and designs, this is a win-win situation!

Follow these steps to learn more:

  1. Open any existing Sway you have created, as can be seen in Figure 1, below.

  2. Figure 1: An open Sway
  3. Now click the Design tab as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1. This will show the Design pane that you can see in Figure 2, below.

  4. Figure 2: Design pane
  5. Every Sway you create is based on a Design Style. In the Design pane shown in Figure 2, the Style used for your Sway is the one shown highlighted in red. There are many other Styles available, and these are highlighted in green in Figure 2.
  6. You can choose from any of these Styles by clicking on them, and the appearance (personality in Sway parlance) of your Sway will change. We explore these Styles in our Design Styles in Sway tutorial.
  7. You can also use an existing Style as a starting point to create your own Style. To do that, apply the Style you want to start with, and then click the Customize button highlighted in blue in Figure 2. We cover this process in our Customize Styles in Sway tutorial.