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3 Still More Free and Favorite Handwritten Fonts

Explore our favorite free handwritten fonts - the third set.

Here we are again with three more handwritten fonts. These are all favorites and are free too! Have fun using these fonts to adorn your text, in your slides or anywhere else. Do remember though that some of these fonts will not travel with your slides (not all fonts support embedding). So, use only if you are presenting your slides on the same computer where these fonts were installed. Or make sure that the delivery system has the same fonts available. So in no particular order, here are 3 more of our favorite handwritten fonts. Please do add your favorite fonts in this category within the Comments section of this page.

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Each of the slide thumbnails below can be clicked to see a larger representation.

1. Dancing Script

Download Dancing Script

This script is certainly not dancing, but it's still so beautiful to look at. What sets this typeface apart is that it's so legible to look at and read while still maintaining that handwritten, cursive look.

2. Grand Hotel

Download Grand Hotel

Yes, this is grand, but this is also staid, upright, legible, and takes less screen real estate than many other typefaces. This font, Grand Hotel works both as a great title and body font.

3. Marketing Script

Download Marketing Script

Marketing Script is a clean typeface but will work best at larger point sizes. This font is great for slides with small quotes, or whenever you do not have too much text on your slide.

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