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3 Free and Favorite Stencil Fonts

Explore our favorite, free Stencil fonts.

Stencils are something that were very useful in the years before printing wasn’t too common. You placed a stencil, and painted over it on a surface. While stencils came in all designs and shapes, one of the most common uses of stenciling was to paint alphabets. And today, even though we no longer need stenciled alphabets, they look distinctive. And that’s probably the reason why there’s a renewed interest in stenciled typefaces. We explore a few of them on this page. Before we explore further, do remember that stenciled fonts only look good at large sizes. Avoid using them for your bulleted text or body type.

Each of the slide thumbnails below can be clicked to see a larger representation.

1. Capture it

Download Capture it

Capture it is a distinctive stencil style typeface with a character of its own. Note that the B has no stem! Also it has an awesome texture that gives an appearance of a stencil brush! Even better, Capture it also includes a second variation for a reverse stencil effect.

2. HVD Peace

Download HVD Peace

HVD Peace is again not just another stencil font. It has character in the form of smudged edges that result from not being too careful while lifting the stencil after applying paint! Also notice that there is a little rotation in some of the alphabets that results in a complete, organic result.

3. Stardos Stencil

Download Stardos Stencil

OK, Stardos Stencil has no organic appearances. There are no smudges or painted fills. However, it’s an amazing confluence of geometry, art, and type-creation. It is obvious that so much work has been put in creating these results.

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