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Font Collections in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Explore Font Collections in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. These Font Collections make choosing coordinated fonts easier.

Any font typeface that you use in your presentation should always support the purpose of your presentation. Most of the time, you may be constrained by company corporate policies or visual standards that dictate you use a particular font. Yet at times, you have the freedom to make a choice to change any font. To make the task of selecting the perfect font, PowerPoint 2011 offers you with the Font Collections option that segregates fonts into various categories. All you have to do is explore a particular category and choose fonts from within that category. Explore more in the following steps:

  1. Create a new presentation and type some text in the placeholder, and select it as shown in Figure 1 (you can also select the placeholder instead of text).

  2. Figure 1: Text on the slide
  3. Now, navigate to the Home tab of the Ribbon and locate the Font group. Within the Font group, click the downward pointing arrow located next to Font option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2.

  4. Figure 2: Font group within the Home tab of the Ribbon
  5. This brings up the Font drop-down gallery. Within the Font drop-down gallery select the Font Collections option as shown in Figure 3. This opens the Font Collections sub-gallery which includes various categories (refer to Figure 3 again).

  6. Figure 3: Font Collections option within Font drop-down gallery
  7. Let us explore the categories within Font Collections sub-gallery:

  8. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

  9. As the names suggest, these categories include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language fonts.
  10. Classic

  11. Includes fonts from the classical era of fontography such as Baskerville, Cochin, etc.
  12. Fixed Width

  13. In this category you will find fonts in which all characters have an equal, fixed width. Thus the character "i" uses the same width space as an "m" character. Examples of such fonts are Andale Mono, Courier, etc.
  14. Fun

  15. These include happy looking or jazzy fonts such as Herculanum, Papyrus, Zapfino etc.
  16. Modern

  17. The choices within this category are the opposite of what you would find in the Classic category. Examples of such fonts include Futura, Gill Sans, Optima etc.
  18. PDF

  19. These are fonts most suitable for presentations that you want to eventually save as PDFs. These include Courier, Helvetica, Times etc.
  20. Web

  21. If you are publishing your presentation online, choose any font within this category. Examples include Arial, Georgia, and Verdana.
  22. Windows Office Compatible

  23. Fonts within this category are best selected if you need to share your presentations with users of the Windows versions of PowerPoint (and Microsoft Office). Fonts from this collection include Arial, Calibri, and Century.
  24. Select any font based on your requirement. This opens another sub-gallery including all fonts within the selected category. Click on any font of your choice to apply it to the selected text. In Figure 4, you can see the font type Monaco being selected within the Fixed Width category.

  25. Figure 4: Font type Monaco being selected within the Fixed Width category
  26. This applies the new font type to your selected text. Once done, save your presentation.

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