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Import Pictures for Bullets in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn how to import pictures for bullets in attributes in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. Picture bullets allow you to use customized bullets, such as logos.

PowerPoint enables you to use picture bullets rather than the conventional symbol bullets, and while you can choose from an impressive collection of ready-to-use picture bullets available, you can also import your own pictures to create a unique bullet for your text lists. So why would you want to import your own picture bullets? Probably because you want their color to match your company branding, or you want to use a stylized bullet that matches your logo -- whatever your reason may be, do remember that detailed graphics don't work well as bullets -- the more closer your graphic looks to the conventional dot-shaped bullet, the better it will appear for consistency and visual reasons.

Tip: For best results, stick with very small, simple graphics. A detailed photo might look great as a full-screen image, but as a bullet it will probably look blurry and unrecognizable!
Tip: Do you want use custom bullets in all slides? The instructions on this page are for working with individual slides in Normal view. To make these changes available to all slides, use the same steps within Slide Master view.

Follow these steps to import your own pictures for bullets in PowerPoint 2013:

  1. Open any presentation or create a new one. Then navigate to the slide where you want to add picture bullets. At this point, select the bulleted text based on your requirement as explained below:
  2. If you want to make changes to just one bullet in the text placeholder (or text box), select that individual line.
  3. If you want to make these changes to all the bullets in the text placeholder (or text box), you can select the entire placeholder by clicking on the edge of the placeholder (see Figure 1).

  4. Figure 1: Entire placeholder with bulleted text selected

  5. Access the Insert Pictures dialog box -- click here for step-by-step instructions. Within the Insert Pictures dialog box, click the Browse hyperlink, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2.

  6. Figure 2: Browse hyperlink within the Insert Pictures dialog box
  7. This opens another Insert Picture dialog box, as shown in Figure 3. Navigate to the folder where the picture is saved, and then select the picture, and click the Insert button (highlighted in red within Figure 3).

  8. Figure 3: Insert Picture dialog box
  9. Figure 4 shows the customized picture bullet for the selected text (compare Figures 1 and 4).

  10. Figure 4: Imported picture added as a bullet

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