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Flip and Rotate Picture Fills for Shapes in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn how to flip and rotate picture fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. This is super useful if you want to flip the picture fill without flipping the container shape.

It is easy to flip and rotate a picture on your slide (see Figure 1, below).

Figure 1: Picture flipping is easy and quick in PowerPoint

However this same flipping can be a little tricky when you use a Picture fill within a shape. Look at the example shown in Figure 2, below. The shape on the left is the original Teardrop shape with a picture fill. In our attempt to flip the picture, we tried flipping the container shape. The result is that the picture does get flipped, but so does the shape, as shown on the right.

Figure 2: Original and flipped versions of shape with a picture fill

But what if we wanted to just flip the picture within the shape to end up with a result, as shown towards the right in Figure 3, below? How do you do that?

Figure 3: Original and flipped versions of just the picture fill

Note: Although the following steps only explain how to flip a picture fill for a shape, you can use the techniques explained hereafter when you want to rotate picture fills as well. Just substitute flipping with rotation.

Follow these steps to learn how to flip and rotate picture fills for shapes in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows:

  1. We assume that you already have a shape with a picture fill, as shown towards the left within Figure 3 above. Select the entire shape and copy it to the Clipboard by pressing the Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut.
  2. Now, paste the copied shape (press Ctrl + V) anywhere within the slide or even on a new slide. Then change the copied shape (in our case, that's a Teardrop) to a Rectangle by applying the Crop to Shape option. You'll end up with something similar to what's shown in Figure 4.

  3. Figure 4: Copy of the shape changed to a rectangle
  4. Flip the rectangle horizontally to end up with what you see in Figure 5 (compare with Figure 4, above).

  5. Figure 5: Rectangle flipped horizontally
  6. Copy the flipped rectangle (press Ctrl + C) so that it is now available on your Clipboard.
  7. Now, right-click the Teardrop shape, within which you want to use the flipped picture fill. From the contextual menu that appears, choose the Format Picture option, as shown in Figure 6.

  8. Figure 6: Format Picture option
  9. This brings up the Format Picture Task Pane. Here, select the Shape Options tab (highlighted in red within Figure 7), and click the Fill & Line button (highlighted in blue within Figure 7). Now, within the Fill section, click the Clipboard button (highlighted in green within Figure 7).

  10. Figure 7: Format Picture Task Pane
  11. This fills the Teardrop shape with the content on the Clipboard, i.e. the flipped picture, as shown in Figure 8.

  12. Figure 8: Shape filled with flipped picture
  13. Use the Crop to Fill option so that the picture sets properly within the shape, as shown in Figure 9.

  14. Figure 9: Picture fill flipped within the shape
  15. Compare the picture shown in Figure 9 with the before and after states of the same picture shown within Figure 3, previously on this page.
  16. Save your presentation often.

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