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Open from OneDrive in PowerPoint for Windows

Learn how to open a PowerPoint file in PowerPoint desktop version from OneDrive in PowerPoint for Windows. You can quickly make edits as needed and save your file back to OneDrive.

All your PowerPoint files which are uploaded, created, or saved on OneDrive can be edited anytime, right within the PowerPoint Online web app that runs within your browser. But that's not the only way you can edit these PowerPoint files. Yes, OneDrive also provides you the option to edit it within PowerPoint desktop applications. In this tutorial we'll first explore how to open a file in your PowerPoint desktop applications from within OneDrive. You will need to have the latest versions of PowerPoint installed on your Windows or Mac operating systems.

Everything Looks Different?

Unlike desktop applications, both OneDrive and PowerPoint Online are constantly evolving much faster. That may explain why screenshots on this page sport an interface different from what you see when you log in.

Follow these steps to explore more:

  1. Sign in to your OneDrive account using your web browser. Within your OneDrive folders, select the PowerPoint file which you want to open. In Figure 1, below you can see a PowerPoint file has been selected (highlighted in red).

  2. Figure 1: PowerPoint file selected for opening
  3. With the file selected, click the Open button, shown highlighted in green within Figure 1, above. This brings up the Open drop-down menu as shown in Figure 2. Within this drop-down menu, select the Open in PowerPoint option (highlighted in red within Figure 2).

  4. Figure 2: Open in PowerPoint option

  5. Alternatively, right-click on the selected file. This brings up a contextual menu, as shown in Figure 3. Within this contextual menu, select the Open in PowerPoint option highlighted in red within Figure 3.

  6. Figure 3: Open in PowerPoint option within contextual menu
  7. You may optionally get to see a message window, as shown in Figure 4. In that case, click the Yes button, shown highlighted in red within Figure 4.

  8. Figure 4: Do you want to open this file?
  9. Normally, when you use this command, the appropriate PowerPoint desktop application opens the selected file, and you can take advantage of all the extra features in the desktop applications. When you save the file, it's stored back to your OneDrive folder.

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