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PowerPoint for the Web

This is a listing of content created about PowerPoint for the Web. You will find detailed pages on features introduced, and also tutorials on other features.


  1. Sign In to a OneDrive Account
  2. Uploading PowerPoint File to OneDrive
  3. Upload Presentations
  4. Opening PowerPoint Presentation from within PowerPoint Online on OneDrive
  5. Open PowerPoint File from OneDrive within Desktop Application
  6. Open PowerPoint File
  7. Rename Files

Creating Slides

  1. Creating PowerPoint Outlines in Word Online


Interface Overview

  1. PowerPoint Online Interface
  2. PowerPoint Online Presentation Gallery
  3. Ribbon and Tabs
  4. Tell Me
  5. Slides Pane
  6. Notes Pane
  7. Slide Area
  8. Task Pane
  9. Add Dropbox
  10. Get More Templates and Themes
  11. Status Bar
  12. Mini Toolbar
  13. Hide/Unhide Slides


  1. Views in PowerPoint
  2. Editing View (Normal View)
  3. Reading View
  4. Slide Show View

File Menu and Backstage View

  1. File Menu and Backstage View
  2. Backstage View - Info Pane
  3. Print
  4. Embed PowerPoint Online Presentations

Working with Slides

  1. Inserting a New Slide
  2. Change Slide Layout
  3. Duplicate Slides
  4. Hide/Unhide Slides
  5. Open from OneDrive in PowerPoint for Windows
  6. Open from OneDrive in PowerPoint for Mac

Slide Aspect Ratio

  1. Change Presentation Aspect Ratio from Widescreen to Standard (and Vice Versa)

Text and Fonts


  1. Add an Em Dash
  2. Insert a Check Mark or Tick Mark
  3. Insert a Cross Mark or X Mark
  4. Add Subscript and Superscript to Text


Basics About Shapes

  1. Types of Shapes
  2. Insert Shapes

Pictures and Visuals

Pictures Basics and Adjustments

  1. Insert Pictures
  2. Insert Online Pictures
  3. Change Picture

Pictures - Position and Order

  1. Resize, Rotate, and Flip Pictures

Pictures - Appearance

  1. Picture Styles


  1. Connect Services to Microsoft Account
  2. Remove Services from Microsoft Account

Text and Outlines

  1. Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes


Video (Movie Clips) -- Basics

  1. Insert Video Clips

Audio (Sound Clips)

  1. Insert Audio (Sound)
  2. Sound Across Slides in PowerPoint for the Web
  3. Sound Across Specific Slides in PowerPoint for the Web Tutorials

Office Mix

Office Mix Tutorials