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PowerPoint 365 for Windows

This page contains a listing of all the content we have created for PowerPoint 365 for Windows. You will find detailed pages on each new feature introduced in this version, and also tutorials on all other features.

Interface & Basics

Getting Started

  1. Locate Your Version
  2. Set as Default Version


  1. Connected Services

Interface Overview

  1. Interface
  2. Presentation Gallery
  3. Ribbon and Tabs
  4. Status Bar
  5. Notes Pane
  6. Slide Area
  7. Task Pane
  8. Format Task Panes
  9. Mini Toolbar
  10. Slides Pane
  11. Quick Access Toolbar
  12. Live Preview
  13. Changing Interface Color
  14. Office Background

Working with QAT and Ribbons

  1. Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Add and Rename Ribbon Tabs
  3. Reordering and Removing Ribbon Tabs
  4. Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs
  5. Adding Commands to Custom Groups
  6. Reset, Export, and Import Ribbon Customizations
  7. Reset, Export, and Import QAT Customizations


  2. Normal View (Editing View)
  3. Slide Sorter View
  4. Outline View
  5. Notes Page View
  6. Reading View
  7. Slide Master View
  8. Handout Master View
  9. Notes Master View
  10. Slide Show View
  11. Presenter View

File Types, File Menu, and Backstage View

  1. File Formats
  2. File Types That Can be Opened
  3. File Menu and Backstage View
  4. Home Tab of Backstage View
  5. New Tab of Backstage View
  6. Open and Close Tabs of Backstage View
  7. Info Tab of Backstage View
  8. Recent Tab of Backstage View
  9. Save and Save As Tabs of Backstage View
  10. Print Tab of Backstage View
  11. Share Tab of Backstage View
  12. Account Tab of Backstage View
  13. Feedback Tab of Backstage View
  14. General Program Options
  15. Add Services
  16. Advanced Program Options
  17. Manage and Remove Connected Services

Creating Slides

  1. Creating PowerPoint Outlines in Microsoft Word

Text and Outlines

  1. Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes
  2. Import Outlines


Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Keyboard Sequences

Text and Fonts


  1. Insert Symbol
  2. Add Subscript and Superscript to Text

Spelling, AutoCorrect, and Reference Tools

  1. Search Online Resources
  2. Spell Check
  3. More Spelling Options
  4. Setting Spell Check Options
  5. AutoCorrect
  6. AutoCorrect Options
  7. Creating and Editing AutoCorrect Entries
  8. Saving and Sharing AutoCorrect Entries
  9. Exporting and Importing AutoCorrect Entries
  10. Creating Formatted AutoCorrect Entries
  11. Find and Replace Words
  12. Loading and Using Custom Dictionaries
  13. Creating and Editing Custom Dictionaries in PowerPoint
  14. Edit Custom Dictionaries
  15. Sharing Custom Dictionaries
  16. Disable, Enable, and Set the Default Custom Dictionary
  17. Add and Remove Proofing Dictionaries for Foreign Languages
  18. Language Options on the Status Bar
  19. Setting Proofing Language for Text
  20. Guidelines on Changing Proofing Language for an Entire Presentation
  21. Research Tools
  22. Research Options
  23. Thesaurus
  24. Translation

Text Advanced

  1. Highlight Text
  2. Remove and Copy Highlighting for Text


Basics About Shapes

  1. Types of Shapes
  2. Insert Shapes
  3. Resizing Shapes
  4. Resizing Shapes
  5. Flip Shapes

Advanced Shape Techniques

  1. Change One Shape to Another
  2. Manipulating Shapes by Dragging Yellow Handles
  3. Format Painter

PowerPoint Cool Stuff

  1. PowerPoint Designer
  2. Disable PowerPoint Designer
  3. Working with Pictures in PowerPoint Designer
  4. Editing Picture Slides Created With PowerPoint Designer
  5. Creating Timelines with PowerPoint Designer
  6. Troubleshooting PowerPoint Designer
  7. Add Photos and Layouts to Title Slides With PowerPoint Designer
  8. SmartArt With Icons from PowerPoint Designer

SmartArt Graphics (Diagrams)


  1. Creating Timelines Using SmartArt


Video (Movie Clips) -- Basics

  1. Insert Video Clips

Audio (Sound Clips)

  1. Insert Audio (Sound)
  2. Sound Across Slides
  3. Sound Across Specific Slides

Share and Prepare

Exporting Slides

  1. Save as PDF

Animation and Transitions

Morph in PowerPoint

  1. Using the Morph Transition with Words
  2. Using the Morph Transition with Characters