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Super Themes in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Explore Super Themes in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows.

When you create a presentation in PowerPoint 2013, you'll notice that the aspect ratio is always 16:9, which is the new default. If you just accept these defaults, then all your presentations will be in widescreen (16:9) rather than normal (4:3) aspect ratios.

Figure 1 below shows a typical new slide created in PowerPoint 2013. We used the new Organic Theme for this presentation.

Figure 1: New presentation created using the Organic Theme

We next added a few slides to the new presentation (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Slides added to Organic Theme presentation

All these new slides use colors, effects, fonts, etc., derived from the active Theme. In PowerPoint 2013, each of the new Themes has four variants built-in. To explore these variants, access the Design tab of the Ribbon, and you'll see a new group called Variants (highlighted in red within Figure 3). This Variants group was not available in previous versions of PowerPoint.

Figure 3: Variants group within the Design tab of the Ribbon

Click on any of the thumbnails within the Variants gallery to change the look of your slides. Remember though that all variants share a common thread as far as the overall look is concerned, they may make changes to the look of your slides. However, these changes are subtle and not so different as changing to another Theme altogether. Figure 4 shows you how the slides look after we changed to another variant of the Organic Theme (compare with Figure 2, shown earlier on this page).

Figure 4: Another Theme variant applied to the slides

So does this mean that each of these new Super Themes has four Themes contained within? Yes and no; yes because those extra Themes are contained within the Super Theme, and no because there are actually 8 variants for each Theme, not just 4! So, where are the 4 missing Theme variants? The other 4 Theme variants are available for Standard (4:3) aspect ratio slides. So if you change your presentation's aspect ratio, you will see the 4 extra Themes (represented by the 4 variants).

Want to explore these Super Themes a little more? We explain more about the actual Super Theme files and their XML codes in our Editing Super Themes with XML tutorial.

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