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Insert Pictures from Facebook in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn how to insert pictures from your Facebook account in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. Do note that your Facebook must be connected to your Microsoft account.

Microsoft changes PowerPoint's capabilities through updates, and this feature may no longer be available within PowerPoint. This page is being maintained for historical reasons.

PowerPoint 2013 for Windows enables you to insert online pictures in more than one way. We explored these various options in our Insert Online Pictures in PowerPoint 2013 tutorial. This is the last tutorial of this series, and you will learn how you can use the Facebook option to insert pictures which are uploaded within your Facebook account, straight into PowerPoint 2013 for Windows:

  1. Access the Insert tab of the Ribbon, and click the Online Pictures button (highlighted in red within Figure 1).

  2. Figure 1: Online Pictures button
  3. This will bring up the Insert Pictures dialog box, as shown in Figure 2.

  4. Figure 2: Insert Pictures dialog box
  5. Notice the Facebook option, shown highlighted in red within Figure 2, above.
  6. Note: Don't see a Facebook option within the Insert Pictures dialog box? You will have to add Facebook as a service connected to your Microsoft account. This needs to be done only once. Explore our Add Services in PowerPoint 2013 tutorial to learn more.
  7. Similar to the Flickr option, Facebook also does not provide a Search Bar to type in the keywords. Instead, you are provided with different options explained below, as marked in Figure 2 above:
  8. A. Manage

  9. Click the Manage hyperlink to manage your Facebook account. Learn more in our Manage and Remove Connected Services in PowerPoint 2013 for Winodws tutorial.
  10. B. Picture preview

  11. This shows you thumbnail previews of the first five pictures within your Facebook account. You can click on any of these thumbnails to insert the picture in your active slide within PowerPoint.
  12. C. See more

  13. Click this to open the next window in the dialog box to see all pictures within your Facebook account.
  14. We clicked the See more hyperlink. This opens the next screen where you can see all photo albums within your Facebook account, under the heading All albums (highlighted in red within Figure 3).

  15. Figure 3: Window showing all albums within Facebook account
  16. Hover the cursor over any album to see the number of pictures within the album and also see the last updated date, as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 3, above. Click on the album to see the pictures within, as shown in Figure 4.

  17. Figure 4: Window showing pictures within the album selected earlier
  18. Options within this window are explained below, as marked in Figure 4 above.
  19. A. Back to Sites

  20. Click this option to get back to the Insert Pictures dialog box (refer to Figure 2, shown earlier in this page).

  21. B. Album

  22. Here you can see the name (and path) of the Facebook album you selected. If you want to choose another album just click the All albums hyperlink
  23. C. Search Result

  24. Here you can see all pictures within the album you have selected.
  25. D. Picture Info

  26. Here you can see the resolution and source of the selected picture.
  27. E. Selected Items

  28. Here you can see the number of pictures you have selected. Press Ctrl key while clicking on pictures to select multiple pictures.
  29. Hover your cursor over the picture to see a magnifying glass icon, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 5.

  30. Figure 5: Magnifying glass icon appears over the picture preview
  31. Click the icon to preview a larger picture, as shown in Figure 6. Clicking the Insert button (highlighted in red within Figure 6, below) will insert the picture in your active slide.

  32. Figure 6: Larger preview of the picture
  33. You can also select one or more pictures within the album window shown in Figure 4. Then click the same Insert button to insert the picture(s) in your active slide.
  34. The selected picture(s) will then be downloaded and inserted within your slide, as shown in Figure 7.

  35. Figure 7: Picture inserted on the slide
  36. Make sure to save your presentation.

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