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Insert Pictures from Bing in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

Learn how to insert pictures from Bing in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. This option can show results only for Creative Commons pictures right within PowerPoint.

Now that inserting a pictures from Clip Art is no longer an option, you can opt for the Bing option, which does provide Creative Common pictures. The Bing option shows picture search results directly within PowerPoint.

Stop Press: Microsoft has removed the Clip Art option. Look at our Alternatives for Office Clip Art Gallery page to find some alternatives.
Tip: Want to explore how you can search images using Bing's amazing image search functions? Refer to our Bing Image Search tutorial.

Follow these steps to learn how to use the Bing option to insert a picture within PowerPoint 2013 for Winodws:

  1. Access the Insert tab of the Ribbon, and click the Online Pictures button (highlighted in red within Figure 1).

  2. Figure 1: Online Pictures button within the Insert tab
  3. This will bring up the Insert Pictures dialog box, as shown in Figure 2.

  4. Figure 2: Insert Pictures dialog box
  5. Type in the keyword(s) within the box placed next to the Bing Image Search option and press Enter key. In Figure 2, above you can see that we choose "apple" as our keyword, shown highlighted in red within Figure 2, above.
  6. Based on the keyword(s) entered, you'll get the results in the next window, as shown in Figure 3.

  7. Figure 3: Insert Pictures dialog box with search results from Bing
  8. Options within the search result window are explained below, as marked in Figure 3 above.
  9. A. Back to sites

  10. Click this option to get back to the Insert Pictures dialog box (refer to Figure 2, shown earlier in this page).

  11. B. Pictures result

  12. Here you can see the number of search results for the keyword you have entered.
  13. C. Search bar

  14. This search bar allows you to change or enter more search keywords.
  15. D. Search result

  16. Here you can see all the pictures that Bing provides for the keyword(s) you have used.

    E. Message

  17. As soon as you see the picture results, you may see a message area. The message says that the pictures shown in the result are licensed under Creative Commons. You can choose the Show all web result button (highlighted in blue within Figure 3, shown earlier in this page) to see all pictures, including non Creative Commons content.
  18. If you click the Show all web result button, you can see more results in the resultant window, as shown in Figure 4. Within this window, you will see a warning message stating that the pictures may be subject to copyright. It is advisable to use Creative Commons pictures.

  19. Figure 4: Window showing all the pictures
  20. F. Picture source

  21. Here you can see the source, resolution, and name of the picture you select.
  22. G. Selected items

  23. Here you can see the number of pictures you have selected.
  24. Hover your cursor over the picture to see a magnifying glass icon, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 5.

  25. Figure 5: Magnifying glass icon appears on the picture
  26. Click the icon to see a larger preview, as shown in Figure 6.

  27. Figure 6: Larger preview of the picture
  28. Select one or more pictures. Then click the Insert button highlighted in red within Figure 6, above.
  29. The selected picture(s) will be downloaded and inserted within your slide, as shown in Figure 7.

  30. Figure 7: Pictures inserted on the slide
  31. Make sure to save your presentation.

Tip: Want to search only for photographs? Or perhaps you want to search only for illustration type drawings? It's easy with this undocumented tip! Just add the keywords photo or drawing after your search term(s) to limit your searches to photographs or illustrations respectively.

Figure 8 shows results of a search for the keywords, Apple photo, whereas Figure 9 shows results of a search for the keywords, Apple drawing.

Figure 8: Search result of keywords Apple photo

Figure 9: Search result of keywords Apple drawing

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